Mae Nak Phra Khanong (2021)

Mae Nak Phra Khanong (2021)

Drama: Mae Nak Phra Khanong
Native Title: แม่นาก
Also Known As: แม่นาก2021
Screenwriter: Worawan Chaisakulsurin
Genres: Historical, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 14
Aired: Jun 26, 2021 – Aug 8, 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Channel 9, LINE TV
Duration: 45 min.


Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon,New Chaiyapol Poupart,Tonon Wongboon


There is a young couple They live together in Phra Khanong area. Husband’s name is Mr. Mak. The wife’s name is Nang Nak. The two lived together until Nang Nak became weakly pregnant. Mr Mak was summoned to be a soldier stationed in Bangkok. Therefore, Nang Otter must be alone.

As time passed, Nang Nak’s stomach grew more and more until she was due to give birth. Midwives came to deliver for me. But Nang Nak’s child did not turn his head. therefore unable to give birth naturally As a result, Nang Nak was in great pain. And finally Nang Otter could not bear the pain. Died with the child in the womb, becoming a whole round of dead ghosts

After that, Nang Nak’s body was buried in the cemetery at the end of Wat Mahabut. As for Nai Mak, when discharged, he returned from Bangkok to Phra Khanong without knowing that his wife had lost her life. Nai Mak arrived just in time to enter the fire. Therefore, the villagers were not found at all. because the area of ​​Nang Nak’s house After Nang Nak died, no one dared to approach because they were afraid of the ghost of Nang Nak, who believed that the spirit of the whole death ghost was Hian. and is extremely fierce

When Mr Mak came home Phi Nang Nak was always trying to keep Nai Mak at home all the time. not to go out to meet anyone because he was afraid that Nai Mak would know the truth from the villagers Nai Mak believes in his wife because she loves her wife, no matter what anyone who meets Mr. Mak will tell you so much. Nai Mak did not believe that his wife was dead. Until one day, while Nang Otter is pounding chili paste in the house Nang Otter dropped the lemon under the house. in a hurry So she reached down from the trench on the floor of the house to collect the lemons under the house. Mr. Mak at that time Accidentally passed by therefore fully believe that his wife is a ghost as the villagers say

Nai Mak plans to escape Nang Nak’s ghost. By secretly drilling a blister to leak water and then remove the soil. Falling at night, pretending to be relieved of suffering and carved out the soil that had filled the blisters so that the water would flow out like a person relieved his suffering. then sneak away Nang Nak, when she saw something wrong, went out to look. Make yourself aware that you have been deceived So immediately followed Mr. Nai Mak saw the ghost of Nang Nak following him and fled to hide in the thickets. Nang Nak couldn’t do anything because the ghost was afraid of Bai Nad. Nai Mak fled to rely on monks at the temple. Nang Nak never gave up trying. with the heartache of the villagers who keep provoking the side of their own husband causing Nang Nak to go on a rampage and haunt the villagers until they are all scared. which the pride of Mrs. Nak Partly due to being buried between a pair of Takhian trees. Finally, Nang Nak was caught by a skilled shaman and put it in a pot. So it was peaceful for a while.

until a pair of ignorant grandparents moved to a new place Collect a pot that holds the otters while frying the fishing net. Nang Nak was then released again. but in the end it was Somdej Phra Buddhachan (Toh Promrangsi) defeated Nang Nak’s forehead skull was knocked out to make a nimble head. to spell spirit And brought Nang Nak to rest. After that, the sculpture was passed on to many other owners. Legend of Nang Nak’s love It is another love story that impresses listeners endlessly. with the constant love of Nang Nak towards her husband that even death could not take away her loving heart


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