Luoyang (2021)

Luoyang (2021)

“Wind in Luoyang” is jointly produced by iQiyi , Liubai Film and Television, and Luoyang Cultural Protection Group, directed by Xie Ze , starring Huang Xuan , Wang Yibo , and Song Qian , with Song Yi as a special star, Yong Mei as a special guest, and Liu Duanduan as a special guest , a costume suspense drama specially starred by Zhang Duo , Zhang Li , Zhang Xilin , Gao Shuguang , Shi Yu , Ning Wentong , Feng Hui , and Han Shuai. The play will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI on December 1, 2021 .
The play is adapted from the novel “Luoyang” written by Ma Boyong . It tells the story of Gao Bingzhu, Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue who came from different classes in Luoyang, the god capital of the prosperous age. , and finally smashed the conspiracy of the Spring and Autumn Dao, and the story of the patron saint of Taiping

Drama: Luoyang
Country: China
Episodes: 39
Aired: Dec 1, 2021 – Dec 29, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.


Huang Xuan
Wang Yi Bo
Victoria Song
Song Yi
Yong Mei
Liu Duan Duan


Gao Bingzhu ( played by Huang Xuan ) , a bad deputy commander with outstanding martial arts skills and a lot of market wisdom, was involved in the case by accident and became a suspect. The truth Baili Hongyi ( Wang Yibo ) met, and the two began to cooperate and investigate. Wu Siyue ( played by Song Qian ) , an inner guard from an aristocratic family , approached Gao Bingzhu to investigate related cases and wanted to find a whistleblower letter related to the case. Pleasant to the eye, but had to be tied together. As the three continued to investigate the case in depth, they finally discovered a shocking conspiracy that was enough to destroy Shendu and stain Luoshui with blood.

Diversity plot:

Vol. 1:

Plot pictures
Time is the length of each person’s life, and most people’s life length includes having children. Ji Zhixia is no exception. Her life length has reached the stage of childbearing. The child grows day by day in her stomach, looking forward to coming to this flowery world. Five years ago, female motorcyclist Ye Ke was visiting a store and inadvertently recognized Ji Zhixia, a friend who had lost contact after high school. Ye Ke was overjoyed and ran out of the store, accidentally bumped into Xiao Ran, a makeup artist who was visiting the store, and knocked off his cup. Ye Ke didn’t have time to apologize to Xiao Ran, and chased outside the store to find Ji Zhixia. Ji Zhixia had already left in the car, Ye Ke rode a bicycle and followed behind the car, Ji Zhixia looked behind the car, recognized Ye Ke, got off the car and reminisced about the old times with Ye Ke, this time they met, they stayed with each other method of communication. That night, Ye Ke returned home and revealed to her boyfriend Zhong Yuan that he had met Ye Ke, a good friend whom he had not seen for several years during the day. When Xia Xia and Ye Ke were in high school, they were inseparable, and their relationship was as deep as the sea. Ye Ke’s usual job is to practice motorcycles. Although he won the first women’s championship in the motorcycle championship, Ye Ke still did not enjoy preferential treatment. The coaches treated Ye Ke equally and had very strict requirements on Ye Ke. In addition to being a makeup artist in the crew, Xiao Ran also works part-time as a bartender in a bar. My friend Tang Xiao is a frequent visitor to the bar and led Ye Ke to the bar for recreation. Xiao Ran had a deep impression on Ye Ke, took out the cup that Ye Ke had dropped in the store, Ye Ke looked at the cup without the handle, and then remembered that he had hurriedly chased out of the store because he saw Ji Zhixia. , the scene of hitting Xiao Ran. Ji Zhixia’s mother owed 60,000 yuan in loan sharks, and the boss sent a few gangsters to block Ji Zhixia. Ye Ke happened to pass by and relieved Ji Zhixia, promising to repay the money within a few days. The script of Xiao Ran’s work recruited a motorcycle stuntman. Ye Ke was in a hurry to earn 60,000 yuan. With Xiao Ran’s help, he entered the crew and completed several difficult riding actions according to the director’s requirements. The highest action was as difficult as reaching the sky, but Ye Ke didn’t complete it successfully, and even the man and the car fell to the ground. The director originally did not want to pay tens of thousands of yuan to Ye Ke, but it was not until Xiao Ran resigned that the director asked Xiao Ran to lead Ye Ke to find the finance to get the salary. Ye Ke got 60,000 yuan, helped Ji Zhixia pay back the money, got the IOU returned by the high-yield boss, and entrusted Xiao Ran to return the IOU to Ji Zhixia. Ji Zhixia was very grateful and called Ye Ke to thank Ye Ke. Ye Ke lied that he had bought a lottery ticket and won 70,000 yuan, reminding Ji Zhixia that he had to pay back the lottery prize after winning the lottery. Xiao Ran returned to Ye Ke, unable to understand that Ye Ke was deceiving Ji Zhixia. Ye Ke thought that if he told the truth, Ji Zhixia would naturally not accept her help. Because of helping Ji Zhixia, Ye Ke was in financial constraints, so he had to ask for money from his family. Her parents regarded her as a treasure and quickly transferred a sum of money. Ji Zhixia’s birthday is coming, Zhong Yuan

Vol. 2:

Gao Sheng reported to the saint that Gao Bingzhu, the murderer of the Nanshi criminal, had surrendered himself, and Siyue bluntly said that the case was full of doubts. The sage gave Siyue the decree of hibiscus and peony, and ordered her to investigate the case as soon as possible. Siyue asked the sage for a decree to let the inner guard be responsible for arraigning Gao Bingzhu. However, Baili Hongyi refused to marry the Liu family, and bluntly stated that Bailiyan was attached to the Liu family. Siyue went to the Lianfang to meet Han Dongqing and asked to investigate Gao Bingzhu while Gao Bingzhu was being escorted to the inner guard. Chen Que, the recorder of Dali Temple, assassinated the three inner guards, and then aimed at Gao Bingzhu, and the two fought in the carriage. Gao Bingzhu restrained Chen Que, and Chen Que was suddenly stabbed to death by a halberd flying from outside the carriage. Gao Bingzhu found out that this halberd was the same weapon used to kill his brothers five years ago on Sixteen Nights. Afterwards, Gao Bingzhu learned from Bad Well Chouweng that the halberd was forged from the brass of Xianshan Mountain, and this brass was used to build the Great Buddha of Heaven.

Vol. 3:

Gao Bingzhu is regarded as the murderer of Chen Que and others. Siyue and Pei Jian lead people into the bad well to capture Gao Bingzhu, and Gao Bingzhu takes the initiative to show up. On the day of the wedding, Siyue got news from Lianfang and judged that Gao Bingzhu’s goal of this action was the wedding. After all, Baili Hongyi still compromised for his father and married Liu Ran as his wife. With the help of Yao Niang, the owner of Jishan Casino, Gao Bingzhu successfully sneaked into Baili Mansion to attend the wedding banquet disguised as a servant of Liu Zhang, the general manager of the Winter Department. After the wedding ceremony, Baili Hongyi asked Siyue about the whistleblower case, and learned that Gao Bingzhu had infiltrated the mansion. Thinking of Gao Bingzhu’s previous inquiries about Xianshan, he suddenly thought of Grandpa. When Baili Hongyi and Siyue rushed to Bailiyan’s study, Bailiyan had died, and Gao Bingzhu was present and became a suspect. Gao Bingzhu held Baili Hongyi hostage and escaped from Baili Mansion. Baili Hongyi asked Gao Bingzhu why he killed his grandfather.

Vol. 4:

Dali Temple determined that Gao Bingzhu had committed repeated murders, and Gao Sheng ordered to block all exits of the bad well. Baili Hongyi checked his father’s body and found out that his father died of poisoning. Gao Bingzhu heard that Bailifu had goods in Nanshi Dockyard, and went to find out, but accidentally entered the killing game. The man in black appeared holding a halberd and fought fiercely with Gao Bingzhu. The man in black fell into the water and died. Gao Bingzhu mistakenly thought that the man in black was Shishiye. In front of the brothers’ graves, Gao Bingzhu recalled that five years ago, he took them out of the bad well without authorization, which resulted in the murder of seven brothers. Lianfang did not receive a police report about the Nanshi Dockyard incident, and Young Master Chu realized that Lianfang had a traitor.

Vol. 5:

Gao Bingzhu opened the coffin for an autopsy, inferring that Bailiyan was poisoned by Shachi snake venom. Since Bailiyan’s documents before his death were all confiscated by Neiwei, Gao Bingzhu informed that the assassination in Siyuenan City, the killing of Neiwei, and Bailiyan’s death were all done by Chunqiu Dao. In order to investigate the case, Siyue led Gao Bingzhu to sneak into the Neiwei Mansion to check the file. Gao Bingzhu checked the dossier and found that the “copper material” records were different. He informed Siyue of the key clue that there was a problem with the copper mine. The copper ore needs to be transported from Xianshan to Shendu by water. Bailang found that the boat that transported the copper ore was from Bailifu Weeping Liu, and the purity of the copper ore was not as good as before, which made Gao Bingzhu even more convinced that there was a problem with the copper ore. I learned that there will be a group of weeping willow boats returning to Shendu from Xianshan at midnight.


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