Loving Miss Bridgette (2021)

Loving Miss Bridgette (2021)

The story of forbidden love between a conservative guidance counselor and a brash young medical student she meets in a chance encounter.

Drama: Loving Miss Bridgette
Native Title: Stories From the Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette
Also Known As:
Director: Adolfo Alix Jr.
Genres: Romance
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 23
Aired: Sep 13, 2021 – Oct 15, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: GMA
Duration: 30 min.


Beauty Gonzalez,Kelvin Miranda,Lloyd Samartino,Adrian Alandy,Julia Lee,Polo Ravales


It’s hard to call it a May–December affair when in real life actress Beauty Gonzalez, 30 years old, is just eight years older than actor Kelvin Miranda who is 22 years old. From my knowledge, it is construed a May-December when the age gap is at least a decade or more. Yet GMA Network described their latest afternoon drama entitled “Stories from the Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette” as such.

On screen too, Beauty and Kelvin’s age gap doesn’t look big.

Having said that, what’s to look forward to in “Stories from the Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette” would be the chemistry between the two lead stars of this series. In showbiz longer than Kelvin, Beauty already earned accolades for her acting in a number of TV shows and movies. Admittedly, I binge-watched one of her series on Netflix entitled “Lost Hearts,” more because of her acting (and Bianca King’s).

Helmed by awarded director Adolf Alix Jr., it’s safe to predict that the storytelling of “Stories from the Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette” would be fluid and engaging for the Kapuso viewers.

So how was its first episode aired an hour ago?

The series opened with Beauty’s drunk and heartbroken character Brigette. Her husband Tristan Enriquez played by Polo Ravales cheated on her and left her after six years of marriage. This immediately set the mood of the series. It was also an immediate hook for viewers who would want to follow the life of Brigette de Leon.

Then an accidental meeting happened between Marcus Villareal, played by Kelvin Miranda, and Bridgette in a resort. Marcus, partying with his friends unintentionally spilt dirt on Bridgette’s white blouse which angered her.

Going back to her room with her friend Elsa (Tart Manalo), Brigette’s angry remark after their confrontation that she was a “manang” was far from the truth. But it was in line with her character as an abandoned wife. She reflected if her “boring-demeanor” was the reason her husband left her.

Next interesting scene was Bridgette’s drinking scene with Marcus – accidental hugs and finding themselves holding hands. There was also flirting on the dance floor. Bridgette was a really a “manang” during these moments as she wasn’t aware of the old Filipino anecdote, “pag may alak, may balak.” It was obvious that Marcus’ libido was in full throttle in trying to get Bridgette drunk.

Coming from a failed relationship, Bridgette was also obviously very vulnerable. From just hearing Marcus’ “sobrang ganda mo, di mo lang alam,” Bridgette was taken by surprise with a passionate kiss!

Of course, more would be unraveled regarding the love story of Bridgette and Marcus as the series moves on. Moreover, Kapuso viewers would find out why “Stories from the Heart” is also a series of “unusual love stories reflecting how social media affect the relationship of lovers and the people surrounding them.”

At the moment, with Beauty in “Stories from the Heart,” this looks like an interesting afternoon series to follow. As it will showcase again her versatility as an actress especially in a new network!

So how was Beauty’s working experience in GMA Network?

In an interview, she revealed that she was welcomed with open hearts (very much a Kapuso tradition!). For her, it was a privilege that she was entrusted a wonderful TV project via “Stories from the Heart.”

As a newly signed Kapuso talent, Beauty expressed that she’ll give her all acting-wise in whatever project GMA Network would give her.

“I would give it my best,” she remaked. “I’m very happy with the show. The script is so beautiful and our director helps us a lot. Everyone’s nice and they really make me feel at home and comfortable at work.”

Also in the cast are Lloyd Samartino, as Manolo Villareal, Marcus’ father, Bing Loyzaga as Stella Villareal, Marcus’ strict mother, Adrian Alandy as Luther Tamayo, Bridgette’s co-teacher and suitor, Noel Colet as Dr. Solano, head of the guidance and counseling department, Nikki Co as Waxee Galang, Marcus’ cheerful best friend; Pamela Prinster as Abby Mendoza, Marcus’ ex-girlfriend and Shanicka Arganda as Nina Torrente, Abby’s classmate and “minion.”

“Loving Miss Bridgette” is under the supervision of the GMA Entertainment Group headed by SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, FVP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, SAVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Anthony R. Pastorpide, and Executive Producer James Ryan Manabat.

The series is a product of the visionary minds of GMA’s award-winning and highly talented creative team – Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Head and Consultant Des Garbes-Severino; Head Writer Ken de Leon; Assistant Head Writer Kenneth Angelo Enriquez; Writers Christine Novicio and Dang Sulit Marino; and Brainstormer Louize Al-Shehri.


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