Love’s Outlet (2021)

Love’s Outlet (2021)

Drama: Love’s Outlet
Native Title: 愛的奧特萊斯
Also Known As: Ai De Ao Te Lai Si , Ngoi Di Ou Dak Loi Si , 爱的奥特莱斯
Director: Andrew Chien
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 50
Aired: Jun 17, 2021 – Jul 19, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: LINE TV
Duration: 3 min.


Fu Meng Bo,Jiang Dian,Huang Li Feng,Xiang Jie Ru,Ge Ying Xuan,Wayne Song


In Nanyang City, which is warm in spring and cool in summer, Shengnan University, where students from all over the country want to squeeze in, has ushered in the opening season. The noble sons and daughters of prominent families have all returned; among the few freshmen who squeezed into the school by excellent grades, there is a timid student. The face, he is Zuo Youhe ( Jiang Dian ) from the Department of Electrical Engineering. With a shy personality, he met his goddess on the first day of school – Fu Jingxue ( Xiang Jieru ) , who is known as the goddess of the new generation of business school. . One day, Zuo Youhe accidentally discovered a mysterious secret door when he was researching machinery in a rental house. He passed through the secret door and came to a magical place “Outlet of Love”. The laughing sales representative, Paul ( played by Fu Mengbo ), claims that Youhe can buy the love he wants…with his life. Ye Zhiqiu broke with Jin Yiwei completely and vowed to avenge Lou Yin, but Chang Shi Shisan, who heard about it, wanted to resolve the misunderstanding with Jin Yiwei. Ye Zhiqiu listened to the temptation of Chang Shi Thirteen, but caused Jin Yiwei to be bloodbathed by Yi Yemen overnight, and the leader of Jin Yiwei, Lou Zhongque, was captured. Ye Zhiqiu, who knew that he was being used, was in great pain. After learning the truth of everything from the tower in the building, Ye Zhiqiu decided to return with Chang Shi Thirteen.


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