Love You Through Ancient Times (2021)

Love You Through Ancient Times (2021)

Drama: Love You Through Ancient Times
Native Title: 我在古代当萌探
Also Known As: I Was a Cute Explorer in Ancient Times , Wo Zai Gu Dai Dang Meng Tan , 我在古代當萌探
Genres: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 8
Aired: Oct 15, 2021 – Oct 20, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 9 min.


Yang Fu Yu in Love You Through Ancient Times Chinese Drama (2021)
Ma Xiao Qin


Hu Die, the owner of the script killing shop, accidentally fell and became the heroine of the script, Butterfly, and gained a loyal dog guard Jian Lin, but found out that this is not the script she wrote at all! She must save Jian Lin, who is full of ill-will due to too many script revisions, and return to the modern age. Hu Die took Jian Lin to search for evidence step by step, but triggered one case after another. After encountering pursuit, maintenance, jealousy and other experiences, the relationship between the two quickly warmed up. As the investigation deepened, Jian Lin’s true identity was accidentally unlocked – the posthumous son of the city lord, and the conspiracy and truth behind it slowly emerged during their investigation.


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