Love Stage!! (2022)

” LOVE STAGE !! ” is a Japanese manga work by Eiki Kageki and Mikiyo Tsuda . It was serialized in ” CIEL ” from the July 2010 issue to the September 2016 issue . A Cinderella story about the love affair between a nerdy boy and a popular actor .

Also, as a spin-off depicting Holy Lake and Rei, a collaborative novel ” BACK STAGE !! ” (backstage) by the two of them and Kazuki Amano was published in Kadokawa Ruby Bunko from June 2011.

A TV anime was broadcast from July to September 2014. A live-action movie will be released in 2020. It has been decided that it will be made into a live-action drama in Thailand .

Drama: Love Stage!!
Native Title: เลิฟสเตจ
Also Known As:
Screenwriter: Title Nirattisai Ratphithak
Director: Thitipan Raksasat
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Jan 29, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Saturday
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Dapted from the manga “Love Stage!!” (ラブ ステージ) written by Eiki Eiki (影木栄貴) and illustrated by Zao Taishi (蔵王大志).

Cast & Credits:

Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen,Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong,Cheetah Chonphiphat Phajee,Blink Thadol Paitoonphong,Nicole Theriault,Pramote Seangsorn


Izumi Sena, a college student born to a super-famous entertainment family, hated the entertainment world because of what happened when she was a child, and is now aiming to become a manga artist. Under such a spring water, the work of dressing up as a woman and appearing in a commercial with a popular actor, Ryoma Ichijo, comes in.


Anda was born to one of the most well known showbiz families in Thailand—but while the world waits for his debut as a new star, Anda just wants to become a distinguished manga artist and fulfill his otaku dreams! Despite being surrounded by stardom his whole life, a traumatizing experience at a commercial shoot 10 years ago forced him into emotional recluse and eventually into the arms of his favorite fictional character, Magical Girl LalaLulu.

However, it turns out that he is not in the clear yet. Considering that he is far from becoming a manga artist of any sort, he joins a shooting for the sequel of that dreaded commercial from his past. What’s more, his co-star from the past, who is also invited to reprise his role, is none other than the famous actor Ryo. Anda does not fancy wearing a dress again—but Ryo is eager to see the beautiful “girl” who captured his heart 10 years ago. How will this fateful reunion turn out?

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