Love Once Again (2021)

Love Once Again (2021)

Drama: Love Once Again
Native Title: 谈什么恋爱啊
Also Known As: What Is Love , Tan Shen Me Lian Ai , Tan Shen Me Lian Ai A , 谈什么恋爱
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 18
Aired: Dec 6, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 10 min.

Main cast:

Xu Xiao Han
Ariel Ann
Ryan Zhao
Una You


What kind of love are you talking about, romantic love web drama, sweet new year, heart-warming love, Zhao Rang will play the young “Time” and the professional heroine played by You Jingru will interpret the heart-warming first love story.

“What Love” is a love micro-drama starring You Jingru and Zhao Rang. It tells the romantic love story between a trainee and a female agent. It is scheduled to be released on Tencent Video on December 6, 2021. Exclusive broadcast, 2 episodes are updated every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 12:00. Members will watch 6 episodes first. For more exciting content about “What Love”, please pay attention to Manman.

What kind of love are you talking about?
“What Love Is Talking About” tells the story of Lin Nuannuan’s dream of becoming a gold medal broker. When she failed in love, she simply concentrated on her efforts and put the option of “falling in love” out of her life plan. When he was a childhood sweetheart with Lin Nuannuan, he spent a gray childhood due to his father’s irresponsibility to the famil

y. Only Lin Nuannuan was the first warmth in his life. He focused on realizing her dream until he began to face up to his true thoughts under the encouragement of Lin Nuannuan, but taking the first step to pursue her dream meant separating from Lin Nuannuan.

Mei Jing, a “money worshipper” who can put a price on love for the sake of bread; Liang Cheng, a “little boy” who firmly believes that love is full; In life, they draw strength from each other and embark on the road of dreams together.


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