Love Is (2021)

Love Is (2021)

Love Is… is a comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali (née Grove) in the 1960s.[1][2] The cartoons originated from a series of love notes that Grove drew for her future husband, Roberto Casali. They were published in booklets[2] in the late 1960s before appearing in strip form in a newspaper in 1970, under the pen name “Kim”. They were syndicated soon after and the strip is syndicated worldwide today by Tribune Content Agency.[1] One of her most famous drawings, “Love Is…being able to say you are sorry”, published on February 9, 1972, was marketed internationally for many years in print, on cards and on souvenirs. The beginning of the strip coincided closely with the 1970 film Love Story. The film’s signature line is “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” At the height of their popularity in the early to mid 1970s, the cartoons were earning Casali around five to six million dollars annually.[3]

Roberto Casali was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1975 and Kim stopped working on the cartoon to spend more time with him. Casali commissioned London-based British cartoonist Bill Asprey to take over the writing and drawing of the daily cartoons for her, under her pen name.[4] Asprey has produced the cartoon continuously since 1975.[5] Upon her death in 1997, Casali’s son Stefano took over Minikim, the company which handles the intellectual rights.

The strip appears daily except Sunday.

Drama: Love Is
Native Title: LOVE IS
Also Known As: LOVE IS the Series
Director: Ambo Jacinto
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 10
Aired: Aug 28, 2021 – Oct 30, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Duration: 25 min.


David Medina Revilla,Kaleb Ong,Axl Romeo,Benjo Montizo,Grey Ramos,RR Roque


Only fairly recently has love become the subject of science.

In the past, the study of love was left to “the creative writer to depict for us the necessary conditions for loving,” according to Sigmund Freud. “In consequence, it becomes inevitable that science should concern herself with the same materials whose treatment by artists has given enjoyment to mankind for thousands of years,” he added.9

Research on love has grown tremendously since Freud’s remarks.

But early explorations into the nature and reasons for love drew considerable criticism. During the 1970s, U.S. Senator William Proxmire railed against researchers who were studying love and derided the work as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Despite early resistance, research has revealed the importance of love in both child development and adult health.


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