Love in the War Time (2022)

Love in the War Time (2022)

Drama: Love in the War Time
Native Title: 乱世情缘
Also Known As: Tianjin Da Ma Tou , Tianjin Wharf , 天津大码头 , Luan shi qing yuan
Screenwriter: Han Su Ping
Genres: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: JSTV

Main cast:

Coco Lyu,Nie Yuan,Liao Xue Qiu,Zhang Pei,Megan Hwang,Nina Huang


At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Yellow River was flooded, and the court forced thousands of men to rectify the Yellow River. On the other hand, Emperor Shun of Yuan sang and danced every night, and was extravagant and flashy, but after falling asleep in the middle of the night, he always dreamed that the red-clothed monster would destroy Yuan. This person’s surname was Zhu. The Fire Dragon God was reincarnated, the Zhu family was named eighth, the Millennium Tortoise was reincarnated as Chen Youliang, and they both loved Pei Yao in the world. One day, Youliang was forced to marry Tang He’s fiancée, but he was blocked by Pei Yao and rescued Tang He’s wife. Han Shantong, the leader of the White Lotus Sect, and Liu Futong, the leader of the altar, fell into a coma and Pei Yao in search of the treasure map. Pei Yao, Chong Ba, and Master Ouyang Protector said that the legacy of the Song Dynasty was not a blessing. Chongba and Peiyao were released, and Chongba went down the mountain to find her master and met Princess Mingxia of the Yuan Dynasty. The princess loved and hated Chongba’s bizarre behavior, and Mingxia’s fiance Wang Baobao was not a taste. The “Brother Gang” formed by You Liang collects road tax at the Chuzhou Wharf . Youliang and Chang Yuchun came forward to explain that there was no way to buy road money, and
Inviting Xu Da and Pei Yao to visit the Brothers Gang, Youliang managed to capture Peiyao and Xu Da. Shuo Mingxia County Master hated the days when Emperor Shun sang and danced, and Emperor Shun reluctantly pointed out that it was difficult to sleep because of the dream of the red-clothed monster every night. Mingxia vowed to get rid of the red-clothed demon. Yuchun and Peiyao returned to the Brotherhood to rescue Xu Da, but were unfortunately captured. Youliang expresses his love for Pei Yao when he is rejected and hates Chongba even more, so he must get rid of it quickly. Chongba was hunted down and injured by Wang Baobao. Fortunately, he was rescued by the monk, and by fate, he met the white lotus sect’s Ma Hufa. Before the death of the guardian, he explained that Chongha would take care of his daughter Ma Xiuying, and the brothers joined the Bailian sect and wanted to dominate the world. Protector Ouyang revealed that Pei Yao was the daughter of Zhou Ziwang, the leader of the White Lotus, and Mingxia and Wang Baobao joined forces to assassinate Chongba again.


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