Love in Shanghai (2021)

Love in Shanghai (2021)

Drama: Love in Shanghai
Native Title: 两个人的世界
Also Known As: Two People’s Shanghai , Shanghai Dream , Shanghai For Two , Two People In Shanghai , Liang Ge Ren De Shi Jie , Liang Ge Ren De Shang Hai , 两个人的上海 , 兩個人的世界 , 兩個人的上海
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama
Country: China
Episodes: 38
Aired: Nov 16, 2021 – Dec 6, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Dragon TV
Duration: 45 min.

Main Cast:

Feng Bo
Wang Luo Dan
Guo Jing Fei


  a child of an educated youth who returned to Shanghai, and Xu Dongyang (played by Guo Jingfei) , a young man from Northeast China who was looking for a job in Shanghai , met because of SARS in 2003. Reunited in the midst of a pandemic. From acquaintance and falling in love to starting a family, the two support each other and work hard together. There are both happy sweet memories and unspeakable difficult choices
In April 2003, Shanghai was in the SARS period. Xu Dongyang, a young man from Northeast China, was interviewed by a TV station as soon as he arrived in Shanghai. Originally, he was asked what he wanted to say about the epidemic. Who knew that Xu Dongyang would be on TV and greeted his parents excitedly. Xu Dongyang rushed to the bus, got on the 109 bus, and met Li Wenjia who came back from the interview. On the bus, Xu Dongyang found that a thief wanted to steal Li Wenjia’s things, so he coughed to remind him that it was the SARS period, he was misunderstood and kept away from him one by one. Li Wenjia got off the bus at the station, and Xu Dongyang chased after him. He originally wanted to explain the reason, but Li Wenjia didn’t listen and misunderstood that Xu Dongyang wanted to strike up a conversation.

At the same time, seeing that Xu Dongyang was not wearing a mask, he also gave him a mask. On the way home, Li Wenjia saw the neighbor aunt reprimanded her grandson for breaking a bottle of vinegar, so she gave the neighbor aunt a bottle of vinegar she bought. Li Wenjia went upstairs to change clothes and came down to the kitchen to help her maid Li Baoying. The maid was very unfriendly to Li Wenjia, complained all the time, and hoped that she could find a job and take the dormitory. Fortunately, the good mother-in-law loves Li Wenjia and treats her relatively well. The neighbor thanked Li Wenjia for giving him a bottle of vinegar, and brought Banlangen to Li Baoying. For this reason, Li Baoying scolded Li Wenjia again, and scolded her to be a good person. Li Wenjia and Li Baoying promised that once the work was settled, the food and accommodation expenses would be paid. Xu Dongyang found a hotel and was about to check in. When he checked in, he found that his ID card was in his pocket, but he didn’t know when he missed his ID card and lost it. He couldn’t stay in th


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