Love In Lockdown (2022)

Streaming platform from Astro, Sooka will bring its first original series titled ‘Love In Lockdown’ which will be broadcast starting February 20, 2022.

Screening Date: 20 February 2022
Network: Sooka
Director: Mai Fernandez
Production: phoSumpro!
Cast: Siti Saleha, Julia Farhana Marin, Sara Mack Lubis, Shah Iskandar, Esma Daniel, Bella Rahim, Ahmad Adly Sofwan, Amir Nafis, Gen Darwish

Sinopsis :

The life story of 6 individuals in a family who had to go through a pandemic. But in the low noise of quarantine, the rays of hope and love are still going strong!

Follow the bitter agony of Sofia (Siti Saleha), a mother and frontliner, in managing the tumult of her family’s quarantine.

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