Looking For the Polaris (2022)

Looking For the Polaris (2022)

Drama: Looking For the Polaris
Native Title: 寻找北极星
Also Known As: Xun Zhao Bei Ji Xing , Looking For the North Star
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Li Guang Fu,Zhang Xi Qian,Yang Zheng,Isabelle Wang


Qi Linsheng, a young entrepreneur who returned to his hometown, and Xiu Xiaoyan, a newly-arrived transfer student, have differences in the development ideas of Wangxingtai Village. Both of them are looking for the North Star and future development direction in their hearts. Xiu Xiaoyan adapted measures to local conditions and combined government policies and guidelines to lead the common people to find a new way to become rich in industry; Qi Linsheng advocated the new concept of keeping pace with the times. He introduced the national geographical indication “Tiankeng” and made up his mind to focus on tourism, culture, etc. In terms of making the village out of the mountains. But his plan contradicts the development of the countryside. He faces a conflict of ideas with the villagers, and a game of affection and ideology with his mother, Huang Wanrong (played by Yue Xiuqing) , who is a village cadre. Lin Qisheng and Xiu Xiaoyan explore the beauty of their hometown, the culture of their hometown, and the sustainable development space of their hometown through constant collision of ideas. The two made progress together and finally stood on a united front. With the support and help of the leaders and the villagers, they led the entrepreneurial team to overcome various difficulties, based on the creation of an ecological environment, developed green tourism, protected a healthy ecology, and led the whole village. People improve the rural style and are committed to building beautiful villages.


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