Lion no Oyatsu (2021)

Lion no Oyatsu (2021)

Drama: Lion no Oyatsu
Native Title: ライオンのおやつ
Also Known As: Lion Snack , Raion no Oyatsu
Director: Nagata Koto
Genres: Food, Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Jun 27, 2021 – Aug 15, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: NHK
Duration: 49 min.


Tsuchimura Kaho,Ryusei Ryo,Suzuki Kyoka,Wada Masato,Kato Kazuko,Hamada Mari


T”Lion’s House” is the name of a hospice on a beautiful island. There are several people of different personalities who have been sentenced to life expectancy and are living the last days of their lives. The story begins on the day when the main character, Shizuku (29), comes to the “Lion’s House”.
Shizuku, who was told her life expectancy at a young age, decides to spend the rest of her days at the “Lion’s House,” and she takes a ferry to the island. In the green landscape of the island, Shizuku thinks of her. Her complex home environment. She felt a little regret that Shizuku came here without being able to improve her jerky relationship with her family.
On a beautiful island, quiet, calm, picture-diary-like time begins to flow around the drops.
At “Lion’s House,” her resident has a tea time, “Snack Time,” where she can request a snack of her own memory, but Shizuku is unable to decide which snack she wants to request.
She eats, lives, and departs. Such a natural thing is very precious.
Tahiti, an island youth who devotes himself to agriculture, begins to collide, laugh, and cry with Madonna, the caretaker of the lion’s house, and her cohabiting friends. ) And the sweet and sour time started to flow …
What does Shizuku find and leave in the last special time of her life?
She warmly portrays the days when she visits everyone, a story that makes her adorable now


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