Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi (2022)

Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi (2022)

Drama: Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi
Native Title: 零下一九七
Also Known As:
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, War
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast not yet:


In the quiet deep sea, a ship buried by history, Zhou Yibai from 1944 slept in the freezer for more than half a century. When he miraculously woke up, it was 76 years later… Zhou Yibai, who returned to Ninghai, saved the world’s only grandson weekend by blindly hitting and accidentally crashing. Although they have the same blood, one is an old-fashioned Jianghu style martial arts genius, and the other is a scientific and technological genius who has raised a robot dog. The imitation grandfather and grandson were forced to live together, and even got involved in a love triangle with the goddess Lu Fei. 76 years ago, the secrets and conspiracies that turned the fate of the Zhou family never disappeared, and they became the master of life and death. The eternal life plan is about to subvert the future destiny of mankind…


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