Life Lila (2022)

The drama series Life Lila produced by Mermaid Studios under the direction of Liyana Jasmay will be broadcast through the Lestary TV3 slot. Featuring the role of Shasha Abedul, Aniq Suhair, Siti Hariesa and Nia Atasha. Life Lila airs from January 21, 2022, every Monday to Wednesday at 9pm on TV3 and Disney+ Hotstar.

Life Lila
Episode: 13
Release Date: 21 January 2022
Broadcast Time: Wed-Saturday, 9:00 p.m.
Network: Lestary TV3 / Disney+ Hotstar
Original Idea: Adriana Jasmay
Scriptwriter: Faten Syamimie
Director: Liyana Jasmay
Production: Mermaid Studios Sdn Bhd
Pelakon: Shasha Abedul, Nia Atasha, Siti Hariesa, Aniq Suhair, Nik Rifa’ie, Marisa Yasmin, Razak Ahmad, Dilla Ahmad, Ariana

Main Cast:

Aniq Suhair as Zack
Nia Atasha as Aunt
Siti Hariesa as Aina
Nik Rifa’ie as Jeff
Dilla Ahmad as Julia
Dhuha Mansor as Udin
Ariana as Maria


Tells the story of Lila, a social media celebrity who works at cosmetics company, Glow and Glo. Lila is so obsessed with sharing on social media platforms that she takes the attitude of taking it easy on the people around her.

The personal lives of Lila and her boyfriend, Jeff, which are often featured on social media sites, are starting to make Jeff feel disgusted. In addition to Lila’s attitude of not maintaining her appearance since receiving the food review offer. Lila also began to be unserious at work and was always late for work. Lila considers customers who come to the store just because they want to see it.

Eventually, Lila was laid off immediately, abandoned by Jeff and kicked out by her roommate, Maria for always being late in paying rent. With no place to go, Lila decides to return to the village.

Lila’s return was welcomed by her mother, Julia and her former good friend, Aina. Lila and Aina’s relationship became strained because Aina did not follow Lila to continue studying in the city. Lila still harbors feelings of anger towards Aina who decided to stay in the village. Furthermore, Aina already has a new good friend, Bibi.

Lila is shocked by the news that her mother will marry Aina’s father, Pak Ajis. She is going to be siblings with Aina. On top of that, Lila is also approached by Zack, her ex -boyfriend but Lila is embarrassed with Zack who is always covered in mud.

Lila is back in the spotlight of the villagers who are excited to find out about her secret project. Not wanting her life in the city to be exposed, Lila had to pretend and continue acting to succeed in the organic beauty project.

Pak Ajis is very excited because the project promotes the village’s crops and will make the village famous. So, Pak Ajis as the village head has given his full support to Lila. What will happen next? Can Lila hide her secret?

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