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Lie to Love (2021)

“Good Words” is an urban romantic drama directed by Chen Chang , starring Luo Yunxi and Cheng Xiao , and starring Ji Xiaobing , Tian Yitong , Gao Han , Li Jiajie and Guan Zijing.
The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mu Fusheng . It tells the story of Li Zeliang, the prince of Oman Group who was originally free and sunny, and met the energetic girl Su Yiyi by chance. The two quickly fell in love and spent the most unforgettable sweet time in their lives together

Drama: Lie to Love
Native Title: 良言写意
Also Known As: Liangyan Xieyi , Liang Yan Xie Yi
Director: Chen Chang
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 32
Aired: Nov 30, 2021 – Dec 27, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Luo Yun Xi
Cheng Xiao
Ji Xiao Bing
Tian Yi Tong
Gao Han


A sudden change caused Su’s family to be destroyed, but the initiator pointed to his most beloved lover Li Zeliang. In order to investigate the truth of all the incidents, Su Shiyi pretends to have amnesia and wanders around his former lover Li Zeliang. In this romantic and dangerous game, Su Shiyi took every step of the way, and in the end, Li Zeliang’s career fell into a low ebb. However, as the truth of the incident was uncovered little by little, Su Shiyi was shocked to realize that she had been blaming Li Zeliang all the time. She realized that she tried to save the relationship in her own way, while Li Zeliang used a piece to engrave the two of them. In response to the seal of the name, in order to protect and convey this hard-won love and beauty, the two joined hands in public welfare undertakings and became the most solid support for each other.

Diversity plot:

Vol. 1:

Li Zeliang played badminton with his uncle Huo Jian. Huo Jian reprimanded the staff again and again, while fiercely attacking Li Zeliang, Huo Jian told Li Zeliang that Ouman Group was always founded by Li Zeliang’s father, and he was only temporarily keeping it, but he was actually testing Li Zeliang’s attitude. Su Zhiyi sneaked into the office of Deputy General Secretary Lin Tai to search for evidence that Zhiwei Group went bankrupt, but he photographed the evidence that Lin Tai speculated on the hotel room.

Vol. 2:

Su Shuyi successfully became Li Zeliang’s temporary assistant. Taking the surveillance video, Li Zheliang asked Su Jiyi’s purpose, Su Jiyi readily admitted and responded with a sense of justice, Li Zeliang was noncommittal. Let assistant Ji Yingsong secretly check Su’s freehand brushwork. After get off work, Su Shuyi received an invitation from Li Zeliang for dinner. Li Zheliang used the past to test Su Xiyi, but Su Xiyi was flustered, and her brother-in-law Xie Minghao’s call saved her. Xie Minghao’s law firm, Xie Minghao’s inadvertent words inspired Su Shiyi, she turned around and rushed to Li Zeliang’s house.

Vol. 3:

Li Zeliang, puzzled by Su’s intentions, asks his friend Oscar for help. Oscar analyzes that Su Yiyi’s approach to Li Zeliang is an unforgettable old relationship, and pretending to have amnesia is to attract attention. When Su Xiyi came home, she couldn’t help but recall the starry sky kiss two years ago, and was upset to find that she was disturbed. Xie Minghao called to express his concern, and asked to buy the mung bean cake that Su Shuyi’s sister Shen Shuqing liked to eat together, but Su Shiyi declined.

Vol. 4:

Shi Chuchu, the immediate boss of the President’s Office, returned to China with a glorious record. Huo Jian held a grand welcome party for her. Su Zhiyi took this opportunity to sneak into the archives and found that the person who signed the contract was named Chen Hengsheng. Su Xinyi left, but Yi Fei noticed her behavior and reported it to Huo Jian.

Vol. 5:

After Li Zeliang went to work, he visited Uncle Bai in the monitoring room. Li Zeliang learned from Uncle Bai that Shen Zhihong had a young daughter named Su Jiyi. Li Zeliang understood that Su Shiyi was a little disappointed in his heart. Su Zhiyi got the news of Chen Hengsheng from Gong Mingyue and the best chance to get close to him is the Hengye Bank reception. In order to let Shi Chuchu bring himself to the reception, Su Shiyi opened a room in Ouman and worked overtime to complete the work that Shi Chuchu explained.

Episode evaluation:

Whether it is the two-way rush of sweetness and abuse, or the mutual redemption between family and love, it will undoubtedly add a touch of warmth to this winter [12] . However, unlike ordinary sadomasochistic dramas, the “abuse” point of the show is not focused on the male protagonist, but instead focuses on the blackening and awakening process of the female protagonist. There are multiple parallel lines in the plot. On the one hand, it guides the audience to decipher the truth of the accident many years ago, and on the other hand, it focuses on showing the growth process of the heroine and the development process of this relationship [11] . Su Freehand in “Good Words Freehand” showed a strong “opening” ability from the very beginning. The fast-paced story development of the script not only fully demonstrated Su Freehand’s extraordinary adaptability and communicative charm, but also through the high-density opening. The cross-dressing plot shows Su Yi’s mature and beautiful female style [13] . (, Review)



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