Liar (2022)

Liar (2022)

Drama: Liar
Native Title: ライアー
Also Known As: Usotsuki
Director: Kumasaka Izuru
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Airs: Feb 15, 2022 – Apr 19, 2022
Airs On: Tuesday
Original Network: MBS, TBS
Duration: 30 min.

Main cast:

Sato Taiki,Mikami Ai,Kawashima Umika,Ota Motohiro,Takada Riho,Sato Yusuke


Fletcher Reede is a leading lawyer who recognizes himself and others. No matter how unreasonable the request, he wins innocence with his favorite “lie”. At any time, his attitude of lying and surviving remains the same in his private life, and his wife, Audrey, runs out with her son Max with all her love. Still, he didn’t stop lying, he sneaked Max’s birthday party and cheated again with a proper lie. That night, Max, who was hurt, prays to God, ” Don’t lie to your dad for just one day .” Then Fletcher never lied. And his successful life changes completely.


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