Lhong Klin Chan (2021)

Lhong Klin Chan (2021)

Drama: Lhong Klin Chan
Native Title: หลงกลิ่นจันทน์
Also Known As: Fragrance , Lost Scent , Mystery of the Sandalwood Killer
Director: Tong Triyuth Kingpakorn
Screenwriter: Apiwat Laosakul
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 18
Aired: May 26, 2021 – Jul 22, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 7
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.


Thanwa Suriyajak,Tubtim Anyarin Terathananpat,Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri,Boss Chanakan Poonsiriwong,Mew Sirilapas Kongtrakarn,Don Kanin Puttamanunt


Lieutenant Colonel Wanrak New investigative inspector at Don Hin Kap Police Station She wanted to prove herself that she earned her position because of her talent. Not the seed of mother’s beauty or the prestige of the father who is a big police officer

The first case was the death of Mr Phat. The victim was in the nude. The genitals were severed and there was a ‘Sandalwood Flower’ in the corpse’s mouth! Villagers rumored that Phat’s death was similar to Inspector Niti, the inspector responsible for the case, Sirinya or Chan, a beautiful woman who was raped and killed in the forest behind the temple. Wanrak takes responsibility for the case The assistant was Trichai, a young lieutenant oppa who had just moved recently. Wanrak’s operation was blocked by Director Pana, but Wanrak did not give up. She went to ask for the body information from Patapee, a handsome young forensic doctor at the hospital. But the country said that this place is not suitable for Wan Rak. Which way to go, go that way Is there someone like Wan Rak who will accept it? Just a dog doctor There was no easy way to make her give up.

During the theft case Wanrak learns important information from interrogating a teenager about the night Sirinya was killed. All the information clearly indicates that The group of aliens that the Forensic Inspector concluded the case was a scapegoat. Wan Rak asks to dismantle Sirinya’s case But the villagers objected to her stubbornly until a violent quarrel. Wan in love and Trichai succeeded until she realized that Pana and Sirinya had a relationship. Or is this the real reason Phana doesn’t want her to tear down the Sirinya case? Inspector Niti and Mr. Phat may have been killed in an attempt to divert attention and set the stage for a serial murder case…everything is shaping up to be resolved. But then Phana was shot dead!

Wan Rak quarreled with his boyfriend Tosapoom because he was obsessed with work. causing the boyfriend to share his heart with another girl to the point of becoming engaged Wan Rak chose to cut off her lover. and returned to focus only on working The Earth knows that Wan Rak is sad. but don’t know how to comfort So he pressured Wanrak to investigate Sirinya case to forget her sorrow. Narak doesn’t seem to understand Earth-style scoring. The dislike will never fade. Plus pretending to have an enemy at heart like a good policeman named Trichai to compete again. But the Earth didn’t know that Wan Rak wasn’t angry or annoyed with the Earth like the first time. But she felt better.

Wan Rak continued until she learned that Sirinya had a stepfather. Her mother remarried Phiphat when Sirinya grew up to be a young woman. Sirinya and her mother lived happily with Pipat. until her mother passed away from a terrible disease. She moved out to live alone for no reason. Everyone thought it was because of the spoiled girl. But she doesn’t know that she has some awkwardness that can’t be there anymore.

Another important information that Na Rak has discovered is… the ring that Sirinya Rak has lost. That ring was a pair ring that Sirinya bought for Pipat. The person who killed Sirinya was probably the one who took the ring. and then later Wan Rak finds that Sirinya’s ring is hidden in the house of Dr Sophie!!!!!

The good feeling that she loved for the earth was confusing her. A forensic doctor who helps her solve a murder mystery turns out to be a suspect. So why does Sirinya have to buy a pair of rings for Pipat? Who exactly was the killer who killed her?

Follow and investigate the case with Inspector Wanrak in “Long Klin Sandal”


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