Kurokawa Morio, Arubaito Sagashitemasu! (2021)

Kurokawa Morio, Arubaito Sagashitemasu! (2021)

Drama: Kurokawa Morio, Arubaito Sagashitemasu!
Native Title: 黒川森生、アルバイト探してますっ!
Also Known As: Kurokawa Morio, I’m Looking for a Part-Time Job!
Screenwriter: Murooka Yoshimiko
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 3
Aired: Nov 10, 2021 – Dec 8, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 13 min.


Sugino Yosuke,Sugisaki Hana,Tozuka Junki,Hori Natsuki


The digest video of episodes 1 & 2 has been unveiled from the Hulu original story “Morio Kurokawa, I’m looking for a part-time job!” became.
Every Wednesday from 10:00 on NTV, the Wednesday drama “Koi desu! -Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl-“. This work is a live-action version of Uoyama’s popular manga, which has exceeded 20 million PV views on the web. Yukiko Akaza (Sugisaki Hana), a school for the blind who is timid but timid in love, and Morio Kurokawa (Yosuke Sugino), who is a good fight but pure root, meet fatefully and understand each other. A new-generation romantic comedy that depicts the appearance of being attracted to each other, laughing, crying, and sometimes relieving.
Currently, the first episode to the latest episode are being overlooked and distributed on the online video distribution service Hulu.

And in Hulu, along with the overlooked delivery of episode 9, Hulu’s original story “Kurokawa Morio, looking for a part-time job” that depicts a surprising contact with Yukiko on the stage of the past part-time job itinerary of Yosuke Sugino. The third episode has started exclusive distribution.

The original story is “I’m happy to see the Yankees interacting from a different angle than the main story” “I’m looking forward to what kind of part-time job next” “It’s funny like watching a conte!” “It’s too interesting to stop repeating” ” I’m glad that Yukiko came out. “
The newly delivered episode 3 tells the story of Morio and his colleagues challenging a part-time job.
Winter a year ago. Morio, Hanao, and Sosuke, who had spared time at the coffee shop as usual, were asked by the owner Akane to deliver pizza, but they said, “I don’t want to go out because it’s cold!” Akane handed me a mokomoko jacket and a cute knit hat, and I was forced to go to the delivery service. On the way to a certain condominium, I encountered a scene where a defect was found. Because she is wearing a white costume, a trouble occurs with the bad guys who do not notice that she is Morio. Can Morio safely deliver the pizza? And what is the true identity of the “goddess” that Morio met?
This time, Morio and Yukiko make a super near miss. What kind of development will be unfolded?

Before watching the 3rd episode of the latest episode … A digest video of the 1st & 2nd episodes that can review the “fate” of Morio and Yukiko has been released.
In the summer of a year ago, Morio, who is not good at horror, tries to work part-time as a zombie in a haunted house, but instead of threatening customers, he panics. In front of such Morio, a silhouette of a woman holding a cane appears.
And the fall of the same year. Morio was supposed to work as a telephone operator at a call center, but perhaps his rival, Shishio, appeared as a senior operator and was in danger of being immediately triggered !? Meanwhile, Morio received a call from a female customer. I’m enthusiastic about it, but … A digest video that reminds us of the “fate” of Morio and Yukiko, who are connected to each other, along with a slapstick drama about Morio’s part-time job.


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