The series began as the narrative of Arora sisters Pragya and Bulbul, and their mom Sarla Arora’s desire to see them wedded. Pragya gets hitched to a rockstar, Abhishek “Abhi” Mehra while Bulbul gets hitched to Abhi’s companion, Purab. Bulbul unfortunately bites the dust. Abhi and Pragya’s hitched life go on with a few difficulties. Abhi faults Pragya for his Dadi’s demise and they get isolated.

after 7 years
Pragya presently has a girl with Abhi named Kiara. She is living with King Singh,a well known rapper in London. Afterward, she returns to Delhi and Abhi and Pragya accommodate. Pragya brings forth twin little girls, Prachi and Rhea. Kiara is killed by foes. Pragya and Abhi are shattered and fault each other for Kiara’s demise and isolated, with Pragya taking one twin while Abhi keeps the other.

after 20 years
Pragya and Abhi’s twins, Prachi and Rhea have now grown up. A circle of drama is shaped between Prachi, Rhea and Abhi’s companion’s child, Ranbir Kohli who is the school heart breaker. Prachi is the imitation of Pragya who is sweet, mindful and legit while Rhea ends up being self centered, sly and over spoiled by her auntie Alia. Tanu returns and later weds Abhi who should wed Pragya. Because of a misconception, Abhi cuts attaches with Pragya. Prachi and Ranbir get hitched. Pragya gets into a mishap and is attempted to be dead.

after 2 years
Pragya gets by and returns from Australia determined to get payback from Abhi as she was fooled into imagining that Abhi was the person who attempted to kill her by Tanu and Alia. Prachi and Ranbir’s hitched life proceeds and Rhea gets hitched to Siddharth, Ranbir’s senior cousin sibling. Abhi and Pragya clear their errors and rejoin. They meet with a mishap and are in a state of unconsciousness. Ranbir blames Prachi for extramarital issue because of a misconception made by Rhea and they get separated.[1]

multi month after the fact
Sid and Rhea are currently separated. Ranbir ends up being a fruitful financial specialist while Sushma who is Pragya’s guide attempts to reassure a devastated Prachi. Prachi chooses to continue on and center around her vocation with Sushma’s assistance however becomes more acquainted with that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s youngster. Notwithstanding, Rhea and Ranbir get hitched illicitly as Ranbir naturally suspects Prachi has continued on. Prachi observes their wedding and chooses to battle for her confidence. For this she gets once again to the Kohli House to recapture her right as Ranbir’s lawful spouse and to toss Rhea out.

Sriti Jha as Pragya Arora Mehra: Sarla and Raghuveer’s oldest little girl; Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti’s sister; Abhi’s better half; Kiara, Prachi and Rhea’s mom (2014-2021)
Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek “Abhi” Mehra: Santoshi and Prem’s child; Alia’s sibling; Pragya’s significant other; Tanu’s ex; Kiara, Prachi and Rhea’s dad (2014-2021)
Mugdha Chaphekar as Prachi Arora Kohli: Pragya and Abhi’s subsequent little girl; Kiara and Rhea’s sister; Ranbir’s better half (2019-present)
Krishna Kaul as Ranbir Kohli: Pallavi and Vikram’s child; Mishti’s sibling; Rhea’s ex; Prachi’s significant other (2019-present)
Naina Singh/Pooja Banerjee/Tina Ann Philip as Rhea Mehra: Pragya and Abhi’s most youthful little girl; Kiara and Prachi’s sister; Ranbir’s ex-life partner; Siddharth’s previous spouse (2019-2020/2020-2022/2022-present)
Shikha Singh/Reyhna Malhotra as Alia Mehra: Santoshi and Prem’s little girl; Abhi’s sister; Purab’s previous spouse; Aryan’s mom (2014-2020)/(2020-present)
Madhurima Tuli/Leena Jumani as Tanushree “Tanu” Mehta: Alia’s closest companion; Abhi’s previous sweetheart and ex (2014)/(2014-2019, 2021)
Mehul Kajaria/Rushad Rana as Vikram Kohli: Daljeet’s child; Arun’s sibling; Pallavi’s significant other; Ranbir and Mishti’s dad; Sid’s uncle/supportive dad; Abhi’s previous companion and colleague (2019-2021)/(2021-present)
Khyaati Keswani as Pallavi Kohli: Vikram’s significant other; Ranbir and Mishti’s mom; Sid’s auntie/supportive mother (2019-present)
Kiran Bhargava/Smita Shetty as Daljeet “Dida” Kohli: Vikram and Arun’s mom; Ranbir, Mishti and Sid’s grandma (2019-2022)/(2022-present)
Kushagra Nautiyal as Siddharth “Sid” Kohli: Pallavi and Vikram’s nephew and embraced child; Ranbir and Mishti’s senior cousin sibling; Rhea’s previous spouse (2021-present)
Zeeshan Khan/Pulkit Bangia as Aryan Khanna: Alia and Purab’s child; Sunny’s stepbrother; Kiara, Prachi and Rhea’s cousin sibling; Ranbir’s dearest companion (2019-2021)/(2022-present)
Aparna Mishra as Shahana Sharma: Pragya’s niece-figure; Prachi’s closest companion and sister-figure (2019-present)
Veronica Talreja as Mili: Aryan’s better half (2022-present)
Gulshan Shivani as Stanley: Ranbir’s own partner and companion (2022-present)
Arjit Taneja/Vin Rana as Purab Khanna: Abhi’s closest companion and colleague; Bulbul’s single man; Disha and Alia’s ex; Sunny and Aryan’s dad (2014-2016)/(2016-2021)
Mrunal Thakur as Bulbul Arora Khanna: Sarla and Raghuveer’s third little girl; Pragya, Preeta and Srishti’s sister; Purab’s dead spouse (2014-2016)
Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora: Raghuveer’s widow; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti’s mom; Kiara, Prachi, Rhea and Kavya’s grandma; Pihu’s receptive grandma (2014-2018)
Madhu Raja as Daljeet Arora: Raghuveer’s mom; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti’s grandma (2014-2018)
Jasjeet Babbar as Janki: The Aroras’ handmaiden; Poorvi’s mom (2014-2018)
Daljeet Soundh as Daljeet Mehra: Abhi, Alia, Raj and Akash’s grandma (2014-2018)
Zarina Khan as Indu Dasi: Abhi, Alia, Raj and Akash’s amazing auntie (2014-2020)
Radha Israni/Asha Sharma as Swarni Dasi: Abhi, Alia, Raj and Akash’s amazing auntie (2014-2018)/(2018-2020)
Shivaani Sopuri as Pammi Mehra: Ajay’s significant other; Raj and Akash’s mom (2014-2021)
Ajay Trehan as Ajay Mehra: Pammi’s significant other; Raj and Akash’s dad (2014-2020)
Anurag Sharma as Raj Mehra: Pammi and Ajay’s child; Akash’s sibling; Mitali’s significant other; Neha’s dad (2014-2021)
Samiksha Bhatnagar/Swati Anand as Mitali Mehra: Raj’s significant other; Bunty, Bably, and Neha’s mom (2014)/(2014-2021)
Ankit Mohan as Akash Mehra: Pammi and Ajay’s child; Raj’s sibling; Rachna’s significant other; Abhishek and Alia’s cousin (2014-2016)
Aditi Rathore as Rachna Mehra: Suresh’s sister; Akash’s significant other (2014-2016)
Charu Mehra as Poorvi: Janki’s little girl; Pragya and Bulbul’s namesake sister (2014-2015)
Faisal Rashid as Suresh Shrivastav: Rachna’s sibling; Pragya’s previous life partner (2014-2015)
Neel Motwani as Corporator Neil Thakur (2014-2015)
Haelyn Shastri as News Reporter (2015)
Nikhil Arya/Rajat Dahiya/Shaad Randhawa as Nikhil Sood: Tanu’s previous darling (2015-2017)/(2017-2018)/(2018-2019)
Bobby Khanna as Mr. Mehta: Tanu’s dad (2015-2017)
Roma Lavani as Mrs. Mehta: Tanu’s mom (2015-2018)
Pratik Parihar as Manohar: Abhi’s bookkeeper who conspired against Pragya (2016)
Vijay Kashyap as Raghuveer Arora: Daljeet’s child; Sarla’s better half; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti’s dad; Kiara, Prachi, Rhea and Kavya’s granddad; Pihu’s supportive granddad (2017) (Dead)
Nitin Goswami as Dushyant Rana: Simonica’s better half who was inadvertently killed by Abhishek (2017-2018)
Ruchi Savarn as Disha Singh Khanna: Purab’s subsequent spouse; Sunny’s mom (2017-2019)
Sharhaan Singh as Sangram Singh Chautala: Disha’s ex (2017-2018)
Vivana Singh as Simonica Dushyant Rana: Dushyant’s widow (2017-2018)
Shwetanshu Singh as Dr. Sheila (2017)
Mishal Raheja as King Singh: A rapper situated in the UK; Pragya’s previous chief and uneven darling (2018-2019)
Kaurwakee Vasistha as Kiara Mehra (Arora): Abhi and Pragya’s oldest girl; Prachi and Rhea’s senior sister (2018-2019) (Dead)
Vedaansh Jaju as Sunny Khanna: Purab and Disha’s child; Aryan’s relative (2018-2019)
Abeer Adil as Tarun: King’s cousin; Neha’s better half (2018-2019)
Richa Rathore as Neha “Babli” Mehra: Mitali and Raj’s girl; Tarun’s better half (2018)
Roma Bali as Tarun’s mom: King’s auntie (2018-2019)
Jaanvi Sangwan as Beeji: A medical caretaker who took Pragya in after the last option’s exile, Shahana’s fatherly grandma (2019)
Ashlesha Sawant as Meera: Rhea’s non-permanent mother and Abhi’s ex (2019-2021)
Manmohan Tiwari as Rohit “Sanju” Gill: A neighborhood criminal of Hoshiarpur; Prachi’s fanatical uneven sweetheart (2019-2020)
Ashwini Tobe as Dimpy: Rhea’s companion (2019-2020)
Shivali Choudhry as Shaina: Rhea’s companion (2019-2020)
Pooja Singh as Mishti Kohli: Vikram and Pallavi’s girl; Ranbir’s sister (2019)
Neena Cheema/Rupa Divetia as Sarita Ben: A Gujarati lady who gave shelter to Pragya and her girls; Rishi’s maternal grandma (2019-2020; 2020-2021)
Sonali Joshi as Chief Minister Vasudha (2019)
Ribbhu Mehra as Ritik: Disha’s companion and mystery sweetheart (2019)

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