Kono Hatsukoi wa Fiction desu (2021)

Kono Hatsukoi wa Fiction desu (2021)

Drama: Kono Hatsukoi wa Fiction desu
Native Title: この初恋はフィクションです
Also Known As: This First Love Is Fiction , First Love – Fact or Fiction? , Kono Hatsukoi wa Fikushondesu
Screenwriter: Tokuo Koji
Director: Okamoto Shingo
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: Japan
Episodes: 40
Aired: Oct 12, 2021 – Dec 17, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: TBS
Duration: 12 min.


Bando Ryota
Kubozuka Airu
Iinuma Ai


The main character, Izumi Kurashina (Ai Iinuma), is always the number one grader in the grade, but when it comes to romance, she is the second-year high school student who is the worst in the class. Sakurasaikan High School, where Izumi attends, has no school rules and is a free school spirit that respects individuality. Rumor has it that “a ridiculous handsome guy will transfer to another school” in the second grade of Sakurasaikan High School, and the female students stand out. However, the rumored transfer student was absent from the first day. Only the name “Grandfather Hiroki” is written on the blackboard. And he doesn’t come to school the next day or the next day … The students have delusions such as “Is it really a famous idol?”, And only rumors without roots and leaves spread steadily. All the girls in the class are crazy about the imaginatively beautified grandfather.

Meanwhile, Izumi is called by his homeroom teacher, Hasebe (Tokyo 03 Satoshi Iizuka), and is appointed as a class representative to deliver homework to Sobue’s house just because his house is near. And when I went home, Izumi, who was asked by Sobue’s mother Mari (Akiko Yada) to become a friend of her son, knew Sobue’s LINE account that I had never met, everyone in the class. To start interacting with Sobue in secret …!

Sobue in LINE is elusive and mysterious. Such an exchange is interesting, and Izumi gradually becomes aware of Sobue, which only he knows.

In addition, Keisuke Nojima (Ryota Bando), a classmate who secretly loves Izumi, should be aware of the existence of his invisible rival, Sobue.

Students of Sakurasaikan High School are swayed by the existence of Sobue, a “mysterious transfer student” that no one has met yet. In such a situation, she draws life-size problems, worries, and events that she and her second year high school students have, such as friendship, love, study, club activities, and career paths.


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