Kokoro no Fufufu (2021)

WOWOW ‘s original short drama planned based on Masatomo Tamaru ‘s short short draft . Starring Sora Tamaki , Ten Yamasaki , Toshiro Onishi and others appear as classmates .

The total number of broadcast episodes is 9 . All 9 episodes will be delivered at once on WOWOW On Demand on July 17, 2021 . All 9 episodes will be broadcast at once at WOWOW Prime on August 15, 2021 .

On May 12, 2021, the drama broadcast was decided and the appearances of Ten Yamasaki, Sora Tamaki, and Toshiku Onishi were announced .

June 16, 2021, as classmates, Yuna , Hagoromo Mihara , Ichika Osaki, Nanaha Itose , Jotaro , Kyohei Shimokawa, Yuuki Kasai, Yuina Sakai, Toko, Kakushinna, Tsuki Goshima, Kaoru Matsuzawa Garden, Riku Suyama, Sara Narita, Kanta Hasegawa, Teru Tashiro, Azusa Mizutsuki, Kure Kondo, Momomi Okino, Moe Uemura, Daisho Hatta, Seiya Tough Bullet, Takuya Misawa, Takuma Asahi, Natsuki Naito, The appearance of Tokiaki Kitahara is announced .

On July 1, 2021, the ban on the main visual was lifted, and the theme song was decided to be Vaundy ‘s “Secret of the World” . On July 17, 2021, as guests, Akiko Kikuchi , TAIGA , Yosuke Sugino , DJ KOO , Kayoko Shiraishi , YOU , Taro Yabe , Mitsu Dan , TAKAHIRO , Jin Katagiri , Sorato Okura , Ai Tominaga, Junpei Goto , Hollywood Zakoshisyoh will appear

Drama: Kokoro no Fufufu
Native Title: こころのフフフ
Also Known As:
Director: Murao Yoshiaki
Genres: School, Youth, Drama, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 9
Aired: Aug 15, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: WOWOW
Duration: 10 min.


Tamaki Sora,Yamasaki Ten,Ohnishi Riku,Yuna,Mihara Ui,Osaki Ichika


Kokoro Okuno ( Sora Tamaki ), who is not familiar with the world , encounters strange events one after another in high school life.

Her best friend Asuka Torii ( Ten Yamasaki ) gently watches over her self-paced heart as she steps into nine mysterious worlds .

With a shy personality , she discovers that there are many things in the world that she doesn’t know yet by experiencing strange and strange events.



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