Kokichi no Nyoubou 2 (2022)

Kokichi no Nyoubou 2 (2022)

Drama: Kokichi no Nyoubou 2
Native Title: 小吉の女房2
Also Known As: Kokichi’s Wife 2
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Drama, Family
Country: Japan
Episodes: 7
Aired: Jan 8, 2022 – Feb 19, 2022
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: BS4
Duration: 38 min.

Main cast:

Sawaguchi Yasuko,Furuta Arata,Suzuki Fuku,Masu Takeshi


“Kokichi’s Wife”, who played the innocent wife Yasuko Sawaguchi x the wild husband, Arata Furuta
, the hero of the end of the Edo period, and the parents of Katsu Kaishu, is back!
Bright and laughable, and sometimes bittersweet. A home drama historical drama that depicts an unconventional couple with plenty of Edo atmosphere will be further enhanced with a sequel and will start broadcasting on Saturday period drama!

It is the wife, Oshin (Yasuko Sawaguchi), who manages the poor Hatamoto and Katsuya. I’m constantly struggling with money, but I’m also constantly smiling innocently. There is no distinction between people, regardless of their status, and their courage is perfect.
Nobu’s husband is Katsu Kokichi (Arata Furuta). A natural muteppou. His arms are terrible, and if asked, he can’t say he doesn’t like it. Although he is retired after handing over the family to his eldest son, his mischief is even more prominent, and he is worried about his serious brother, Hikoshiro (Takeshi Masu).
The two eldest sons, Rintaro, became the head of the Katsu family at a young age and were clever and intelligent. It has a high reputation as “a black kite is a hawk”. During the Tenpo period on the eve of the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, he aspired to study Dutch studies and showed his talent while being a poor hatamoto. The young man, who received philanthropy from his mother and a spirit of devotion from his father, eventually decided to save the people of Edo as “Katsu Kaishu”.
The eldest daughter, Ojun, always attacks her unreliable father, Kokichi. “Are you going to destroy Katsuya!” “I’m sorry to my ancestors,” despite the girl’s habit. Oshin remembers the deceased grandmother’s ascension (Kyoko Enami) in the order of her daughter, and always laughs bitterly.
In addition to the troubles that Kokichi brings in every time, his eldest son, Rintaro, falls in love with a Fukagawa geisha! The people of Katsuya continue to make a lot of noise today …!

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