Kissable Lips (2022)

Kissable Lips is a Korean Romance. Kim Ji Woong, Yoon Seo Bin, Moon Ji Hoo. Kissable Lips Release Date: 3 February 2022. Kissable Lips Episodes: 8.

Drama: Kissable Lips
Native Title: 깨물고싶은
Also Known As: I Want To Bite You , I Want a Bite , I Wanna Bite It , Kkae Mulgo Sipeun
Genres: Romance, School
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Airs: Feb 3, 2022 – Feb 25, 2022
Airs On: Thursday, Friday
Duration: 11 min.
Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Main Cast:

Kim Ji Woong as Main Role

Yoon Seo Bin as Main Role

Moon Ji Hoo as Main Role

Synopsis and Plot Summary:

The BL web drama ‘I want to bite’, co-produced by Moving Pictures Company and Korea Institute of Media, will be released on February 3rd.

‘Want to Bite’ is a campus romance drama about a vampire Jun-ho (Kim Ji-woong), who is on the road to extinction, and a pure-blooded Min-hyeon (Yoon Seo-bin).

In the play, Jun-ho is a vampire who wants to become a human and die normally, and he searches for a pure-blooded human to drink pure blood, the only way to become a human. On the other hand, Min-hyeon, as a pure-blooded human, was tasked with escaping from vampires who wanted to harm him.

Hae-soo (Moon Ji-hoo) appears as a character who captures Jun-ho’s heart, who shakes when he sees Min-hyun. Hae-soo is another vampire who is Jun-ho’s old friend and knows all about Jun-ho’s trauma. He starts threatening Min-hyun to protect Jun-ho.

Expectations are high how their love will begin in a contradictory situation in which they have to sacrifice the other’s life in order to survive.

Moving Pictures Company is a production company with a strong framework that is steadily producing BL web dramas such as ‘Wish You’, ‘Ryu Seon-bi’s Wedding’, ‘Florida Spot’, and ‘Dye’.

‘Want to Bite’ is the first work created by Moving Pictures Company in collaboration with Korea Institute of Media and Film, and you can feel the atmosphere of a real university campus by filming the school scene in the play at Korea Institute of Media. It will be revealed on the Idol Romance app.

In particular, attention is paid to works that utilize fresh ideas and young sensibility as students from Korea University of Media and Film directly participate in the production and filming process.

Viewers are interested in how Moving Pictures Company, which showed the true face of fantasy romance through ‘Dye’, will digest a new fantasy genre.

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