Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: The Legacy of the Master's Soul (2021)

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: The Legacy of the Master’s Soul (2021)

Special: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: The Legacy of the Master’s Soul
Native Title: 騎士竜戦隊リュウソウジャー THE LEGACY OF The Master’s Soul
Also Known As:
Screenwriter: Shimo Ayumi
Genres: Action, Tokusatsu, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 3
Aired: Oct 17, 2021 – Dec 26, 2021
Aired On: Sunday


Kikawada Masaya,Shibue Joji,Sawai Miyuu,Ichinose Hayate,Tsuna Keito,Osaki Ichika


“Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusouger” (broadcast from March 2019 to March 2020 on TV Asahi) that will not decline in popularity even after the broadcast ends! “Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusouja Special Edition Memory of Soulmates” is released in theaters as one of the movies “Super Sentai MOVIE Ranger 2021”, Blu- ray and DVD have also been released.
“Memory of Soulmates” was the story between episodes 32 and 33 of the TV series, and “Kira Major VS Ryusouger” was the story after the final episode of the TV series. “LEGACY OF The Master’s Soul” is a story that fans can’t miss, which is deeply involved in the content of the main part of the TV series, which depicts episode 0 before the first episode of the TV series.
In addition, guests participating from this time! Master Red, Master Blue, and Master Pink, which are the protagonists of this work, will be played by Masaya Huangkawada, Joji Shibue, Miyuu Sawai, and the five members of Ko and others, “Ryusouger”, following the “Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusouger” TV series. , Hayate Ichinose, Keito Tsuna, Ichika Osaki, Yuito Obara, Tatsuya Kishida will also appear.
As participants from this time, Kenji Matsuda, who has appeared in many Toei special effects such as “Kamen Rider Hibiki” and “Kamen Rider Kiva”, will play Master Red’s brother Nile, and Master Pink’s disciple Isuka will be played by Hanakage. Karen Miyazaki of “Iryu Sosa” will play Mayu, who is a former disciple of Master Blue and is now studying Ryu Soul, and Ren Komai will play the mysterious girl Hana.


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