Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 3 (2022)

Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 3 (2022)

Drama: Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 3
Native Title: 君と世界が終わる日に3
Also Known As: Love You as the World Ends Season 3
Screenwriter: Ikeda Natsuko
Director: Sugawara Shintaro
Genres: Action, Mystery, Horror, Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Airs: Feb 25, 2022 – Apr 1, 2022
Airs On: Friday
Original Network: Hulu, NTV
Duration: 55 min.


Takeuchi Ryoma,Nakajo Ayami,Kasamatsu Sho,Iitoyo Marie,Yokomizo Naho,Hyunri


A new shock that hits the extreme world! Zombie Survival Starts New Season!

Set in the “end world” next to the death occupied by the living corpse = Golem, the main character Hibiki (Ryoma Takeuchi) and his lover Kurumi (Ayami Nakajo) fight for survival. Extreme Zombie Survival “Love You as the World Ends” Season 3 will be exclusively distributed on Hulu from February 25, 2022 (Friday)!

Season 1, which was broadcast on NTV in January 2021, attracted attention as the first full-scale zombie work in Japan’s terrestrial golden band serial drama. One day, the three axes are intertwined with the harsh survival of people who were suddenly robbed of their daily lives by golems, the love story of Hibiki and Kurumi who were torn just before the proposal, and the mystery of solving the mystery of the golem virus developer. The ultimate human drama “was drawn.

Next, in Season 2, which was exclusively distributed on Hulu, the curtain began with the shocking development that Kurumi was infected with the golem virus, and the survivors set in the new community shelter “House of Hope”. A number of deadly battles were fought in the tragedy of the golem, such as the battle, the memory disorder of Kurumi, who is becoming a golem, the extreme survival of loved ones falling down one after another, and the existence of the mysterious group X. A spectacular action scene with a golem, a sad love story of Hibiki and Kurumi who keep passing each other, and a human drama under a tense situation attracted a lot of attention. Season 2 alone recorded “Hulu 2021 number of viewers No. 1 (*)”, and at the moment, it is extremely popular as the work that was seen by the most people in all genres distributed on Hulu this year. Proud. * In the works delivered from January to September 2021

The long-awaited start of Season 3 ――Starting shooting in late October 2021
And the long-awaited Season 3 start. New World, Ritual, Awakening, Maris, Inheritance-
Golem tragedy intensifies the battle between survivors! Finally the forbidden door is opened.

At the end of Season 2, Kurumi, who was infected with the golem virus and disappeared while holding a child with Hibiki, and Hibiki decided to go on a journey to find her. In Season 3, it will be drawn 10 months later.

What is happening to the world occupied by golems now?
Is Kurumi, who was pregnant but becoming a golem, alive?
What is the harsher fate that Hibiki and Yuzuki (Naho Yokomizo) are waiting for?
A new mystery, a new enemy, a new world, love or madness-the door to forbidden opens.

Following Seasons 1 and 2, Ryoma Takeuchi, who plays the role of Hibiki, will play the leading role. And it is decided to continue the regular cast team who survived the survival disaster of Season 1 and 2. In Season3, Ayami Nakajo (role of Kurumi), Sho Kasamatsu (role of etc.), Marie Iitoyo (role of Kanae), Hyunri (role of Jian), Toshihito Kokubo (role of Tsuboi), Naho Yokomizo (role of Yuzuki) and others will be back again. With each feeling in mind, I will devote myself to the fight. Survivors who have become stronger and stronger with each season. Who can survive in the new season?


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