Kimi no Ashioto ni Koi wo Shita (2022)

Kimi no Ashioto ni Koi wo Shita (2022)

Drama: Kimi no Ashioto ni Koi wo Shita
Native Title: 君の足音に恋をした
Also Known As: I Fell in Love With Your Footsteps , Kimi no Ashioto ni koi o Shita
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: Japan
Episodes: 0
Aired: Mar, 2022 – ?
Original Network: NHK


Kato Seishiro
Kayashima Mizuki


The main character of this work is Daiki Kobayashi, a first-year high school student who has moved from Tokyo to Hita, Oita Prefecture, and hates to stand out.

On the first day of his move, he meets the dance team “Hita Geta”.

While thinking “Why do you dance with geta …”, Taiki’s eyes are nailed to Misaki Kudo, a beautiful girl who is good at dancing.

And Taiki, who was to join the team by Misaki’s forcible invitation, learns that she was damaged by the flood.

Seishiro Kato , who plays Taiki, said, “Taiki didn’t really think about moving to Hita. He’s an adult somewhere, but with the charm of Hita, including geta dance, and Misaki, he returns to a boy.

I would like to express my appearance carefully. ” Mizuki Kayashima , who plays the role of Misaki , is enthusiastic, saying, “I’m really looking forward to what kind of dance it will be like to dance with geta.

I will do my best to bring out the charm of Hita City through this work.”

“I fell in love with your footsteps”, written by Mika Abe and directed by Junrei Terai, will be recorded from late November and will be broadcast in March 2022.


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