Kids' Lives Matter (2021)

Kids’ Lives Matter (2021)

Drama: Kids’ Lives Matter
Native Title: 星空下的仁醫
Also Known As: Er Ke Yi Sheng , Yan Fo Yi Saang , Sing Hung Ha Dik Yan Yi , 儿科医生
Genres: Medical
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 25
Aired: Oct 18, 2021 – Nov 22, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: myTV SUPER
Duration: 45 min.


Kevin Cheng,Kenneth Ma,Linda Chung,Him Law,Catherine Chau,Florence Kwok


Twenty years ago, an operation broke out two pediatric interns Kuang Congxin ( played by Ma Guoming ) and Xu Ganfeng ( played by Zheng Jiaying ) . As time passed, Cong Xin became a consultant pediatric surgeon at the top hospital “Annie Hospital”, while Gan Feng, who was dedicated to defending his life, settled in a second-tier hospital. The two went their separate ways. After surgery, they meet again, and their fates are connected since then.
Cong Xin’s strategy forced Gan Feng to join Annie Hospital, and then found Zhang Yixin ( played by Zhong Jiaxin ) , a former comrade-in-arms, cardiothoracic and pulmonary surgeon , and head of surgery Mai Haiqi ( played by Zhou Jiayi ) to create a perfect team, the purpose is just to piece together the heart The blueprint paved the way for the construction of Hong Kong’s first “paediatric centre”. After experiencing the stories of the life and death of sick children, Cong Xin and Gan Feng, who had been on the verge of fire and water, gradually unraveled their knots.
At this time, specialist doctor Wen Baixi ( played by Luo Ziyi ) and specialist intern Lian Zhuoying ( played by Zhang Baoer ) discovered that the operation 20 years ago involved a major medical error, and the chief surgeon was East Asia affiliated to Anne Hospital. Zhong Huaishuang ( played by Gong Ci’en ) , the dean of the university’s medical school, decided to reveal


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