Kazoku no Shashin (2022)

Kazoku no Shashin (2022)

Special: Kazoku no Shashin
Native Title: 家族の写真
Also Known As:
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Jan 2, 2022
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: Tokai TV

MAin cast:

Gouriki Ayame


Miharu Mochizuki (27) , a photographer who is active in Tokyo,
received a lot of attention for receiving an honorable mention at a photo exhibition a few years ago, but it hasn’t continued since then, and
now he is living his days without sounding.
I was swaying between my ideals and the work that came into reality.

At that time, a phone call from an old friend Saki Miyata (27) in Toyohashi, his hometown,
makes Miharu decide to go home. It is said that his father, Yataro
(62) , who has been running a local photo studio for many years, is trying to close the store. It is said that the cause was that the shutter could not be released as expected due to the deterioration of eyesight due to aging.

Miharu returns to Toyohashi with his assistant, Kazuya Nakagawa (23) , angry that he made an important decision silently and did not tell him anything about his physical condition. My father, who met for the first time in a long time, does not seriously deal with Miharu who eats, “Well, isn’t it?” Miharu hated the old habit of his father, “Yes, isn’t it?” It didn’t seem like a compromise or a word of resignation.

Miharu decides to stay in Toyohashi for a while, and
local classmates Saki and Ruriko (27) offer a consultation.
Instead of the local event “Ee ja nai ka Toyohashi Festival” that was canceled due to the corona disaster, the
photographer Miharu asked if he could hold a photo panel exhibition to capture the charm of the local area.
If it was the culmination of my activities so far-it
was Miharu who took it enthusiastically, but an unexpected development awaited.
It develops into a situation that also affects Miharu’s life as a cameraman …


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