Kazoku Boshu Shimasu (2021)

Kazoku Boshu Shimasu (2021)

Family Recruitment ” (hashtag Kazokuboshu) is a TV drama broadcast on TBS TV series ” Friday Drama ” from July 9th to September 24th, 2021 . The lead is Daiki Shigeoka , who will be the first star in a serial drama in the golden prime zone .

The main character, who has just become a single-parent family , was involved in the hashtag “#Family recruitment” posted by his childhood friend on social networking services (SNS), and four adults and three children gathered with that hashtag. A home drama depicting a communal life under one roof

Drama: Kazoku Boshu Shimasu
Native Title: #家族募集します
Also Known As: #Family Wanted , #Family Recruitment , #Be My Family , Hasshutagu: Kazoku Boshu Shimasu
Screenwriter: Magy
Director: Fukuda Ryosuke, Murao Yoshiaki
Genres: Drama, Family
Country: Japan
Episodes: 9
Aired: Jul 9, 2021 – Sep 24, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: TBS
Duration: 54 min.


Shigeoka Daiki,Kimura Fumino,Nakano Taiga,Kishii Yukino,Kaneko Daichi,Komatsu Kazushige


Shunpei Akagi , who raises his 5-year-old son, Yo , is proposed by Sosuke Osanai , a childhood friend of elementary school who happened to meet again, to recruit a family on SNS and share child-rearing and live together. Meiku Yokose , a writer (both are single mothers), and their children will start living together.


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