Kau Cipta Kasih (2022) (TV3)

Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Kau Cipta Kasih’ by Azilah Wahab will fill the Samarinda TV3 slot. Featuring lead actors Nazim Othman and Uyaina Arshad. Directed by Nazir Jamaludin, published by Ansar Creative Media. Will meet viewers from January 13, 2022, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on TV3.

You create love
Episode: 15
Release Date: 13 January 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 p.m.
Network: Samarinda TV3
Novelist: Azilah Wahab
Script: Azlina Din, Azilah Wahab
Director: Nazir Jamaludin
Production: Ansar Creative Media
Cast: Nazim Othman, Uyaina Arshad, Amanda Amry, Fify Azmi, Nafiz Muaz, Amanda Amry, Sherie Merlis, Sahronizam, Marissa Yasmin, Dilla Ahmad, Norlia Ghani, Mustapha Kamal, Ikhram Juhari, Nynaa Harizal, Izuan Razali, Raja Syahiran

Main Cast:

Nazim Othman as Afiq
Uyaina Arshad sebagai Khadijah
Fify Azmi as Ramlah
Nafiz Muaz as Idris
Amanda Amry as Hasnah
Sahronizam as Samad
Sherie Merlis as Sabariah
Ikhram Juhari as Haris
Nynaa Harizal as Nelly
Raja Syahiran as Faisal
Izuan Razali as Rashid
Norlia Ghani as Opah Piah

Lagu Theme (OST)

Sarah Suhairi – Surrender

Synopsis :

Tells the story of Samad (Sahronizam) and Sabariah (Sherie Merlis) who are united under the coercion of their family. This forced marriage has harmed Sabariah’s relationship with Samad. Sabariah hates her children because she does not love Samad who often abuses her.

Idris (Nafiz Muaz) was born with a leg deformity. He was hated and not recognized as a child by Samad and Sabariah. He was raised by Opah Piah and Atuk Mat after being dumped by his own parents.

Despite his lame legs, Idris was taught to be independent and work since childhood. He was a hard worker, devout and respectful of his parents. Opah Piah had gifted him farmland and ancestral home sites.

Ramlah (Fify Azmi) is a very smart person and has the opportunity to further his studies abroad with the help of Idris. He really loves Khadijah, the eldest sister of these four siblings who took care of him since childhood. Ramlah never gave up hope to feel happy with his mother, father and siblings.

Hasnah (Amanda Amry), the youngest child of Sabariah and Samad is very naive and believes that Samad loves her. Hasnah is also spoiled by Khadijah and considers her a mother.

While in Form 5, Hasnah fell in love with her village friend and insisted on marrying him after SPM despite opposition from Samad. Sabariah, on the other hand, agreed to Hasnah’s marriage because she no longer wanted to bear her child.

Khadijah (Uyaina Arshad), the eldest child of Samad and Sabariah is willing to sacrifice by shouldering the responsibility of taking care of her siblings when she is still young. Khadijah is often the victim of her mother’s anger. As a result of one incident, Khadijah was kicked out by her mother even though Khadijah had told her what had actually happened.

Khadijah escapes and meets Afiq (Nazim Othman), the son of a successful entrepreneur. Since then, Khadijah’s life journey began to change. Will Khadijah, Idris, Ramlah and Hasnah be able to find happiness after being showered with various tests and challenges in their lives?

Synopsis of the Novel You Create Love
Idris – A man in need. His laziness made him often insulted and considered a nuisance to parents. Deservedly, he was given more attention, but he was increasingly alienated and alienated from the love of mother and father.

Khadijah – Willing to sacrifice for the pleasure of her sisters. Because of that, her mother relinquished the responsibility of taking care of household affairs on her shoulders. And because of that, too, he fell victim! His dignity was taken away arbitrarily.

Hasnah – Taking himself far abroad with the intelligence bestowed by GOD on him. He was really disappointed with the shortcomings of his family’s institution. His dream is only one. Wants to feel happy with his mom, dad and siblings and he is determined to achieve that dream!

Ramlah – Pampered by father more than his other siblings. Pride of the advantages gained makes him careless and fails to judge the good and bad of something. Until he was left alone …

They are four siblings who are deprived of parental love. Is it their fault when parents fail to carry out the responsibility of educating and shaping the future of their children?

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