Kampung Si Rabun (2022) (TV2)

Watch the comedy telefilm ‘Kampung Si Rabun’ on 17 January 2022, Monday at 9.00 pm on TV2.

Broadcast Time: Monday, January 17, 2022, 9:00 p.m.
Network: TV2 (RTM)
Idea Asal: Ika Sabreena
Scriptwriter: Hiada Mazni
Director: MP Roslin
Production: MToons Media
Cast: Nafiez Zaidi, Neera Azizi, Along Cham, Azzahra Ahmad, Shamsul Ghau Ghau, Amyza Aznan, Wahid Senario


The villagers of Cahaya, all of whom have short -sightedness, were upset during the election of the new village head. Jalil, the son of a former village head and Megat is the new village head candidate. Che Normah, the queen of Cahaya village who has red myopia and Senah who has glare myopia fell in love with Megat. Then began the various tricks of Jalil who tried to sabotage Megat deck out of jealousy because he also has a heart for Normah!

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