Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo – Shin Sedai Gyakushuu Hen (2021)

Drama: Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo – Shin Sedai Gyakushuu Hen
Native Title: 会社は学校じゃねぇんだよ 新世代逆襲編
Also Known As: The Company Is Not a School, New Generation Counterattack , Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo – Shin Sedai Gyakushuhen
Screenwriter & Director: Fujii Michihito
Genres: Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Oct 21, 2021 – Dec 9, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: AbemaTV
Duration: 60 min.


Nomura Shuhei,Fujii Karen,Sano Reo,Miura Shohei,Maeda Goki,Nakamura Yurika


Yusuke (Shuhei Nomura) has come to be called a “successful person” thanks to the success of the first-come-first-served 1 million free campaign of “PARKS”. When “The company is not a school, a new generation counterattack” (ABEMA) started, a future that could not be imagined is coming. At that time, I lost everything and stood on the edge of despair. If he was a normal person, he might have given up. However, Yusuke stepped on. No matter how painful he may be forced to make a choice, he never runs away and faces him. And now, he has reached the point where he can thank “the days” that “there was a sky that I could see because I lost everything and fell to the bottom.”

 ”Even the worst happened, it all made sense.” Yusuke said so in front of Teppei (Shohei Miura). In retrospect, Teppei has given Yusuke many challenges. If he thinks he has invested for Yusuke to start the D2C business, Cipher Creation also says that he will set up a subsidiary that handles the D2C business. Moreover, Yusuke’s lover Tomomi (Karen Fujii) was appointed president of the subsidiary. Up to this point where I’m watching, why bother to do such a thing … and a series of difficulties that make me suffer. But what she said, “Thank you (for giving me the test),” might have been the best revenge.

 However, Teppei gave Yusuke a test because he had expected it. Yusuke, who just launched FIND VALUE, was confident. Even though he has just started a business, he calls Masayoshi Son and Bill Gates rivals, and he can’t help believing himself to be a special person. Such a confident part is also an attractive part as the president of a venture company.

 However, Yusuke was unaware of the failure. He had never fallen to the bottom. I think Teppei was one of the first to notice his talent. That is why he overcame his only weakness. Perhaps it was the love of a roundabout way from Teppei to let him experience “losing”. In fact, when Yusuke was cornered until he thought about closing the company, he reached out and inspired him, “Are you okay?”

 For Teppei, Yusuke was a reminder of himself at that time. That is why I may have been trying to become the adult I was looking for at that time. He is not only a spoiler, but a person who teaches us the harshness of society. And when it falls to the bottom, it seems to reach out to him. Yusuke thinks that Teppei has come this far because he has continued to be such an adult.



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