Juvenile Justice (2022)

Juvenile Justice (2022)

Juvenile Justice (2022)

Actor Kim Mu-yeol said, “I remember the very heavy atmosphere inside the juvenile court that I attended.

That prudence helped a lot in building the character.” “The silence from the time the judge came in, took a seat and spoke the first word was also heavy.

A child who is a criminal, if convicted, goes to the asylum through a door that is different from the one he came in through. He seemed like a crossroads in a child’s life. The judge’s decision in the juvenile court came to the point of being unrealistically heavy to the point that I wondered if it was a weight that a human could bear.”

Drama: Miraculous 5
Native Title: เสาร์ 5
Also Known As: Saturday 5 , Saturn 5 , Sao 5
Director: Oliver Bever
Genres: Action
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Feb 25, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Channel 7


Kim Hye Soo,Kim Mu Yeol,Lee Sung Min,Lee Jung Eun,Park Jong Hwan,Park Ji Yun


“Prostitution, fraud, theft, assault. It’s a total gift set. This is why I hate you.”

Judge Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo) says coldly, ‘If you have committed a crime, you should be punished’. There’s no semblance of mercy in those eyes. Of the 3,000 judges nationwide, there are about 20 juvenile court judges. Only 20 judges judge more than 30,000 juvenile offender cases every year. A juvenile judge must carefully examine the case to determine a disposition appropriate for the crime, and even look into life outside the courtroom to see if the juvenile offender adjusts well after the disposition. The scope of work is wider than expected, and it is simply impossible to move within the bounds of the law.

At the production presentation held on the 22nd, the producers and actors of Netflix’s domestic original drama ‘Boys Judgment’ agreed, “We tried to show deeply the various aspects of juvenile crime that had not been shown before, believed to know and was indifferent.”

Judge Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), who hates juvenile criminals, is appointed as a member of the Juvenile Criminal Agreement of a district court.

His nickname is ‘The Judge’. He meets a juvenile offender, and the judges in charge of the juvenile offender collide with their different beliefs and positions.

Kim Hye-soo said about Judge Shim Eun-seok, who she is playing, “People are so coldly and harshly punished that they agree that the sentence should be like this.” He is a person who treats him like a younger brother, believes that he will be edified, and strives to be led down the right path.” On the other hand, chief judge Kang Won-joong, played by actor Lee Seong-min, said, “Even if you do that, you are a veteran who thinks realistically about how to change the wrong system.”

Another judge, Na Geun-hee, played by Lee Jung-eun, an actress in the movie ‘Parasite,’ is a person who “thinks that delayed justice is not justice, and emphasizes the speed of judgment of juvenile crimes pouring out while excluding private factors.” Lee Jung-eun laughed, saying, “When I met Hye-soo and her face, there were times when her eyes were so big and filled with conviction that I shook.” Kim Hye-soo said, “With firm conviction, we do not back down for even a moment and confront each other. It’s like seeing an active volcano just before the eruption,” she said.


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