Jiu Xiao Han Ye Nuan (2022)

Jiu Xiao Han Ye Nuan (2022)

The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” is an ancient costume love drama directed by Mao Kunyu, starring Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi, and starring Chen Yilong , Wang Ruolin , Sheng Huizi , etc.
The play is adapted from the web novel of the same name by Lan Wormwood .

Drama: Jiu Xiao Han Ye Nuan
Native Title: 九霄寒夜暖
Also Known As: Jiǔxiāo hán yè nuǎn , Warm Cold Night in the Nine Heavens
Director: Li Hui Zhu
Screenwriter: Lei Xin Lin
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Li Yi Tong,Bi Wen Jun,Huang Qi Lin’er


The play tells the story of Su Jiu’er ( played by Li Yitong ), a female arrester of Qianguo who is “afraid of the cold”, and Han Xie ( played by Bi Wenjun ) , the young master of the “inner heat” of the Qian tribe , due to a bizarre murder case related to the relationship between the two ethnic groups. Temperature difference partner”, work together to break through the fog of conspiracy, find the truth behind the case and resolve the story of the crisis of the country and country


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