I've Got The Power (2022)

I’ve Got The Power (2022)

Drama: I’ve Got The Power
Native Title: 超能使者
Also Known As:
Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 25
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: TVB Jade

Main cast:

Ruco Chan

Joel Chan
Natalie Tong


Zhong Xiaonian (played by Chen Zhanpeng ), Qiao Ruolan (played by Tang Shiyong ) and Gao Yong ( played by Chen Shancong ) did not know each other. After a car accident, they gained magical powers for the rest of their lives!

Xiaonian and Ding Shumin (played by Liu Peiyue ) are a loving couple. Xiaonian planned to use his supernatural powers to benefit himself, but was influenced by Ruolan, who had a strong sense of justice and knew how to use his superpowers to help others, but he offended the crime boss. He Qinglong (played by Ou Ruiwei ), and his close friends Ke Cuiping ( played by Liu Yingxuan ), Gao Shou ( played by Lin Zishan ) and Qi Ye Yuan Jiafu (played by Zhang Guoqiang ).

Although encountering many crises, fortunately Wei Ruiqi (played by Wang Junxin ) , who has a mysterious identity, came to the rescue. For the sake of justice, Xiao Nian and others join forces with Rui Qi to face Qinglong, the enemy, and start a series of fierce battles .


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