Itaike ni Koishite, ni Koishite (2021)

Itaike ni Koishite, ni Koishite (2021)

Three clumsy boys struggle as Cupid in love !?
A delusional talk full of mistakes blooms in a share house!
Koji Tokuo (“Ossans Love”, “My Housekeeper Nagisa”, “Love Deeply”) Completely original!

It’s a little crap, but it’s a little cute Healing boys want to watch over “Ita Kyun” love comedy A singer-songwriter

who gathered in a share house in a renovated church in Tokyo, anyway, only pride Three imadoki “Damekawa” boys, a young actor who doesn’t sell well and a foreign girl manga artist who doesn’t sell purely! The work given to these three people is the assistant of a love influencer⁉ People who are suffering from a wide variety of loves visiting a share house … The three people face the “various forms of love” unique to modern times and want to be their own. Is it possible to make a love come true …⁉

Drama: Itaike ni Koishite, ni Koishite
Native Title: イタイケに恋して、に恋して
Also Known As: In Love With Itaike, In Love With
Director: Toyoshima Keisuke, Tamazawa Kyohei
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Aired: Jul 30, 2021 – Sep 10, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 8 min.


Ike Nwala,Ishikawa Ren,Masu Takeshi,Ishii Anna


Kageyama (Daichi Watanabe), Iizuka (Fuma Kikuchi), and Malik (Ike Nwala) live together in a share house. They were hired as a live-in part-time job at the Love Science Research Institute run by Sachi (Anna Ishii), a graduate student who studies love. Counseling about love affairs comes to the institute. The three are tasked with solving the client’s worries. Meanwhile, Kaho (Karen Otomo), a university student, visits the institute.

While she travels from Tokyo to Akihabara on the train that Kaho rides every morning, she sees a man standing by the window of a train that runs side by side at the same speed for only about 12 seconds. However, recently, he hasn’t been seen, and Kaho can’t help but be worried.
Apparently Kaho was in love with him.

The three decide to look for the man. However, the only clue is a picture of Kaho taking a man on the opposite train from inside the train.


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