Internal Affairs (2022)

Internal Affairs (2022)

Drama: Internal Affairs
Native Title: 无间
Also Known As: Wu Jian
Screenwriter & Director: Qi Dao
Genres: Action, War
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Dragon TV
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Jin Dong,Wang Zhi Wen,Wang Li Kun,Zhang Zhi Jian,Nina Chuo,Wu Hao


During the period of the Wang puppet regime during the Anti-Japanese War, Lu Feng, who grew up in an orphanage since childhood, was ordered to enter No. 76 undercover to stand by, but because of the suspicious nature of Shen Xiao, his identity was almost exposed. Finally, with his superb wisdom, he successfully entered No. 76 undercover and became the highest-ranking officer. Agent members, but do not want to be enemies with Chen Xi, who once loved each other. The two people who love each other go through various misunderstandings and finally determine each other’s identities, cooperate with each other in several secret activities, and complete a series of secret missions. During his actions, Lu Feng gradually realized the darkness within Juntong and the disputes over power and interests. After experiencing the betrayal of his teacher and the murder of his relatives, he abandoned his shadow and joined the Communist Party of China, becoming an undercover CCP underground party inside Juntong. He cooperated closely with the organization, launched a contest of wisdom and courage with the enemy, set up delicate traps and traps, experienced the baptism of love, family and friendship, and won a turning point for the final victory of the Anti-Japanese War


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