Inomata Susumu and 8 Mourning Women (2019)

Inomata Susumu and 8 Mourning Women Inomata Susumu to 8 – ri no Moonna : Watashi no Hajimete Moratte Kudasai Japan Drama . _

Drama: Inomata Susumu and 8 Mourning Women
Native Title: 猪又進と8人の喪女~私の初めてもらってください~
Also Known As: 猪又進と8人の喪女 , Inomata Susumo and 8 Unpopular Women , 8 Mojo
Screenwriter: Takemura Takeshi
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Oct 24, 2019 – Dec 12, 2018
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: Kansai TV
Duration: 30 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Main Cast:

Morita Tetsuya (1981) as Inomata Susumu
Okazaki Sae (1995) as Akari
Naya Takeru (1995)
Kotera Mari (1991)
Moriwaki Kenji (1967)
Yamamoto Hiroyuki (1962)


Akari (Okazaki Sae) is a young writer who is gaining popularity thanks to her debut work. It is decided that her next series will take the theme ‘Women in Mourning’. ‘Mourning women’ is a popular internet term for an unpopular woman who has never dated and is not good with men. But there is a problem, Akari is a beautiful woman who has many friends and leads a glamorous life, she doesn’t understand anything about ‘Women in Mourning’. With the help of her editor, Inomata Susumu (Morita Tetsuya), she will search for the so-called ‘Women in Mourning’.

Episode Details:

Episode 1
「超ネガティブ喪女」 / Cho Negatibu Moonna “The Negative”

Keiko Kuroki as Urajinu No
Screenplay: Tamada Shinya
Episode 2
「サブカルイキリ喪女」 / Sabuka Ruikiri Moonna “Sabu Karuikiri” 4

Haihara Yuri as Mirai
Screenplay: Tamada Shinya
Episode 3
「生き物としゃべれる喪女」 / Ikimono to Shabereru Moonna “The Schizophrenic” 5

Jinguuji Shine as Higashino Ayaka
Screenplay: Takemura Takeshi
Episode 4
「決められない喪女」 / Kimera Renai Moonna “The Undecided”

Kusuma Ai as Tomiyama Eriko
Screenplay: Yamada Yoshitatsu
Episode 5
「完璧主義喪女」 / Kanpeki Shugi Moonna “The Refusal”

Sagawa Yūko as Yokouchi Ayumi
Screenplay: Watanabe Yukin
Episode 6
「コスプレ喪女」 / Kosupure Moonna “The Cosplay”

Kurobi as Tsuji Nagiko
Screenplay: Takemura Takeshi
Episode 7
「箱入り喪女」 / Hakoiri Moonna “The Curator”

Konno Miyakoyo as Azeta Hitomi
Screenplay: Yamada Yoshitatsu
Episode 8
「好き避け喪女」 / Suki Sake Moonna “The Mistress”

Screenplay: Watanabe Yukin


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