Idol: The Coup (2021)

Idol: The Coup (2021)

Drama: Idol: The Coup
Native Title: 아이돌: 더 쿠데타
Also Known As: Aidol: The Coup , 아이돌 : The Coup
Screenwriter: Jung Yoon Jung
Director: Noh Jong Chan
Genres: Music, Youth, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Nov 8, 2021 – Dec 14, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: iQiyi, jTBC
Duration: 1 hr. 25 min.


Ahn Hee Yeon,Kwak Shi Yang,Kim Min Kyu,Sol Bin,Han So Eun,EXY


Idol The Coup is scheduled to premiere on November 8th at 11PM KST. It is not yet known exactly how many episodes there will be, but I am looking forward to seeing if he will actually show real life acting by appearing in large numbers besides actors Ahn Hee-yeon, Ahn Sol-bin, Exy (Chu So-jeong), and others who are actually active singers.

The only actress Han So-eun is not a singer, and the group name in the play is called Cotton Candy, and it is a story that depicts the reverse run of a girl group whose setting is ruined.

Writer Jung Yoon-jung, who was in charge of directing, is the author of , , and , so I think this time’s work will also be a highly anticipated work. It may be similar to the recently aired drama with idol material, but , which is based on a webtoon, and

In contrast to this, it is a 100% creative drama written by writer Jung Yun-jeong himself, so I think it will be a work that is expected to flow. A brief introduction to the Idol The Coup is the story of young people who proudly throw their resignation to my dream, and a failed dream. It is also a very special guide for those who can’t part with it. So let’s talk about the characters.


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