I Want to Live an Easy Life (2022)

I Want to Live an Easy Life (2022)

Drama: I Want to Live an Easy Life
Native Title: 대충 살고 싶습니다
Also Known As: I Want to Live Roughly , Daechung Salgo Sipseubnida
Screenwriter: Oh Ji Hyun
Director: Go Hyun Gook
Genres: Sitcom
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: SBS

Main cast:

Go Eun Ah,Heo Young Ji,Lee Mi So,Son Soo Ah


Go Eun-ah plays the quirky illustrator Ori, Heo Young-ji takes on the role of Sonya, a professional hobbyist who constantly challenges new hobbies, Lee Mi-so takes on the role of Undun-type introvert, Park Bul-bul, and Son Soo-ah plays the chic freelance illustrator Prairie. It looks like it just came out of a webtoon, but on the other hand, each of them are familiar characters that you’ve seen somewhere at least once.

Expectations are high as to how the script, which was a topic of discussion before filming, was put on the screen as a so-called ‘drug story’. As the title suggests, each episode is open to everyone, such as ‘I want to live alone, but I want to live together’, ‘I want to work less and make a lot of money’, ‘I want to live in a relationship’, ‘I want to live as I am’, ‘I want to live with the hope that it will work out’ It draws sympathy by capturing the stories you want in your daily life.

In the unpredictable story reborn based on the original webtoon, the chemistry of the actors who naturally digested the characters as if they became real characters will meet and present an exciting development.

Ko Eun-ah said of her duck, which she played, “She was the character that best portrayed Go Eun-ah, so she played Go Eun-ah as she is.” It is said that the actors at the filming site consistently created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere like real best friends, demonstrating the perfect script digestion to the extent that it is impossible to tell whether it is filming or real.


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