I Promised You the Moon: The Documentary (2021)

I Promised You the Moon: The Documentary (2021)

Special: I Promised You the Moon: The Documentary
Native Title: แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ Part2 The Documentary
Also Known As: I Told Sunset About You Part 2 The Documentary , Interpret My Love With Your Heart Part 2 The Documentary , Bplae Ruk Chan Duay Jai Ter Part 2 The Documentary
Director: Es Patipol Teekayuwat
Genres: Documentary
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 6
Aired: May 22, 2021 – Jun 26, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: LINE TV
Duration: 20 min.


Billkin Putthipong
PP Krit Amnuayde
Meen Tossaphon Rian
Oab Oabnithi Wiw
Goy Arachaporn Pok
Na Naphat Vikairu


The story all started when Tae (Putthipong Assaratanakul) and Oh Aew (Krit Amnuaydechakorn) entered the same high school in Phuket in high school. until they became close friends Later, O’ao was given a chance by a teacher to play the role of Yong Jian, a role that Teo had always dreamed of acting in the first place. After the show, Oh Aew told Te that he had found his dream of becoming an actor in the future. This made Te very angry and sad because he didn’t think his best friend would be his competitor. resulting in quarrels until now

At present, Tae and Oh Aew We meet again at the Funan Laosi Chinese Tutoring School. Because both have the same goal, which is the entrance examination for the Faculty of Communication Arts. University of Anonymous causing the two to become competitors [13]Te tried everything possible to beat O’aew, including mocking O’aew’s Chinese pretest scores. The turning point occurred when the results of the direct admission of the Faculty of Communication Arts. Ananasart University announced that Te passed the exam while Oh Ae failed the exam. Therefore, Te remorseful in his own words and actions. and went to apologize to the beach area that used to be a childhood and made the two begin to become friends again But coming back as friends this time is not like the last time. because of a close friendship began to make each person think beyond his friends Until finally the relationship reached a breaking point when the two were too close. without knowing that the closeness they thought was It’s not just a friendship level. Te’s confusion and ambiguity made Oh Aue not encouraged to continue studying for the exam. and decided not to take the college entrance exam That was another important turning point that made Tei’s decision not to assert his right to receive the match. In order for O Aew, who is on the list of number 1 reserves, can take the exam directly to receive But the result was not as expected. When O’er decides not to accept the good wishes from Te and go back to reading books to prepare for the admissions exam again After seeing Bas confess his love to O-Aew in a special classroom Tae was very disappointed. and went back to vent their minds with Gook Huan. As time passed, the two of them returned to concentrate on preparing for the admissions exam. Until finally, Aew took the entrance exam to the Faculty of Communication Arts. University of Anonymous Meanwhile, Tei carries the regret of thinking that Oh Aew is dating Bas to go into the exam room. therefore failing to do the exam in time And attached to the Faculty of Communication Arts, the 2nd faculty in the choice, Te is very sad After the announcement of the results, Oh Aew and Bas have cleared their minds that they are better friends. The same goes for Tae and Tan. On the day Aew came running to fix the top from the front of Teh’s house. In the end, Te decides to run alongside Aew to the edge of Phromthep Cape. and saw the setting sun as above Oh Aew decided to tell Tae that Oh Aew and Bass are friends again. The same goes for Tae and Tan. Oh Aew allows Te to be anything. But please let Tei not disappear. While Te was self-aware and brave enough to ask Aew to be his girlfriend.


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