Honki no Shirushi (2019)

A Sign of Seriousness (本気のしるし / Honki no Shirushi) is a Japanese drama starring Morisaki Win, Tsuchimura Kaho, Uno Shohei, Ishibashi Kei. Premiere. Premiere 15-Oct-2019 by Nagoya TV.

Drama: Honki no Shirushi
Native Title: 本気のしるし
Also Known As: The Serious Red Flag , The Real Thing
Director: Fukada Koji
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Oct 15, 2019 – Dec 17, 2019
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Nagoya TV
Duration: 32 min.

Main Cast:

Morisaki Win (森崎ウィン 1990) as Tsuji Kazumichi: A salaryman who works for a publicly traded company. He is good at his job and sociable with him, but deep down he is lukewarm about everything. He is not good at endearing himself to other people or developing feelings for others, and he has never really been in love. However, he continues to let his romantic relationships run its course as twice his colleagues Hosokawa Naoko and Fujitani Minako. He gets into trouble and gets bogged down after meeting Hayama Ukiyo.
Tsuchimura Kaho (土村芳 1990) as Hayama Ukiyo: A woman with mysterious charm. She lies when she is backed into a corner and ends up sinking deeper into a hole. She also has a lot of problems in her relationships with men because she unknowingly makes comments that provoke them. She becomes involved with Tsuji Kazumichi after he saves her when her car stalls at a railroad crossing.
Uno Shohei (宇野祥平 1978) as Hayama Sho: A man who has been stalking Hayama Ukiyo. He is a coward. He also harasses Tsuji Kazumichi due to Tsuji’s involvement with Ukiyo.
Ishibashi Kei (石橋けい 1978) as Hosokawa Naoko: Tsuji Kazumichi’s senior at work. She has had an ambiguous relationship with Tsuji for years. Although she knows about her relationship with a young man named Fujitani Minako, she pretends that she doesn’t care.
Fukunaga Akari (福永朱梨 1994) as Fujitani Mina
Oshinari Shugo (忍成修吾 1981) as Mineuchi Daisuke: The young CEO of a rapidly growing IT company. He tries to recruit Tsuji Kazumichi.
Kitamura Yukiya (北村有起哉 1974) as Wakita Shinichi: A gangster who chases after Hayama Ukiyo to pay off his debt. He is amused by Tsuji Kazumichi, who becomes involved with Ukiyo despite the problems he keeps running into, appearing in front of them at every opportunity.


Tsuji Kazumichi, 30, is an employee of a small trading company who has been wandering through daily life to protect himself from the feeling of emptiness he feels. Although he is friendly, he is actually lukewarm about everything and twice as warm as his colleagues in the workplace.

One day, Tsuji meets a woman named Hayama Ukiyo at a convenience store. Ukiyo is a dangerous woman who leads men down the path of destruction without even realizing it. She turns out to be a big problem even after Tsuji saves her life when her car stalls at a railroad crossing. She lies when cornered, she behaves irresponsibly with money and relationships, and she carries a driver’s license with a false address. Against her better judgment, Tsuji’s relationship with her deepens as if her fates are entangled…

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