He's Mine (2021)

He’s Mine (2021)

Drama: He’s Mine
Native Title: He’s Mine
Also Known As: He’s Mine the Series
Screenwriter & Director: Ranz Gonzales
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 10
Aired: Nov 26, 2021 – ?
Aired On: Friday
Duration: 20 min.

Main cast:

Allen Caguioa,Clark Blancaflor,Bert Calara,Dave Lawrence


ntern designer Michelle Ye ( played by Wang Zixuan ) has a dream to join Ed, a small advertising company. Unexpectedly, not only did she fail to become a regular in half a year, but her daily work is still a small list of unpopular. Unsatisfactory work, just moved, met a strange neighbor Li Zenan ( played by Xie Binbin ) , the first meeting was arrogant. At this time, Michelle Ye’s boss took over the design of the new product poster of milk tea under Aoke Group. Michelle Ye thought that her chance to show her strength had finally come, but in reality she was harassed by Party A’s counterparts in every possible way. Because of their mutual tacit understanding in the workplace, Michelle Ye and her neighbor Li Zenan secretly developed feelings while releasing workplace pressure.

But Michelle Ye never thought that Li Zenan was the contact person of the Aoke Group, and the second party who he said was very bad was himself! After the test of the workplace and the switching of the neighbor relationship, the sweet couple life also unfolded between the two, but new workplace challenges also came, and the two who had the same party A by chance became a relationship fighting side by side this time. The life of the two is full of challenges and surprises, which truly reflects the ups and downs of ordinary people in the workplace, and shows the fast-paced life and love patterns of urban young people


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