Heroes (2022)

Heroes (2022)

Drama: Heroes
Native Title: 说英雄谁是英雄
Also Known As: Say Hero Who is Hero , Shuo Ying Xiong Shei Shi Ying Xiong , 說英雄誰是英雄
Director: Li Mu Ge
Screenwriter: Shuang Cheng
Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Tencent Video

Main cast:

Joseph Zeng
Yang Chao Yue


The kind-hearted young man Wang Xiaoshi ( played by Zeng Shunxi ) traveled down the mountain and entered the arena for the first time. By chance, he met Wen Wen ( played by Yang Chaoyue ) , Bai Choufei (played by Liu Yuning ) , Su Mengzhen (played by Chen Chuhe ) and others, and established a relationship with them. A lifetime of friendship, and in the capital rivers and lakes of the turbulent meeting, I realized the brotherhood and the lingering world, and gradually grew from an ignorant teenager to a “hero”


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