Here Is My Exclusive Indulge (2021)

Here Is My Exclusive Indulge (2021)

Drama: Here Is My Exclusive Indulge
Native Title: 给你我的独家宠爱
Also Known As: Gei Ni Wo De Du Jia Chong Ni , Gei Wo Ni De Du Jia Chong Ai , 给你我的独家宠溺 , 給你我的獨家寵愛 , 給你我的獨家寵溺 , 重生相逢:给你我的独家宠溺
Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 34
Aired: Sep 27, 2021 – Oct 19, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Duration: 5 min.


Sissi Bao
Chen Si Qi
Guo Jia Nan


The heroine Yun Xiangxiang should have lived a happy life, but a car accident caused the death of her mother and she was also blind.

Before the mourning period had passed, her father brought in his mistress and illegitimate daughter who had been raised outside.

At the same time, her fiance also betrayed her and got together with her illegitimate daughter.

The illegitimate daughter took everything that belonged to her step by step – her fiance, father, and even the identity of the eldest Miss Yun family. After Yun Xiangxiang became blind, she still did not let her go, and wanted to find someone to defile her.

At the same time, she learned the truth of her mother’s death, which was actually done by Yun Xintian. Desperate Yunxiang slammed his head into the wall, swearing that they must pay the price in the next life! After the rebirth, Yun Xiangxiang went back to the day when he was 17 years old in a car accident. When she woke up from the hospital bed, she met the male protagonist Fu Sihan. Although he was in a wheelchair, it did not affect his regal temperament at all.

After confirming the fact of his rebirth, he vowed to protect his mother for the rest of his life, and at the same time started her revenge plan. However, Fu Sihan was moved by Yun Xiangxiang’s tenacious character, calm and witty, and was attracted to her. When Yun Xiangxiang announced the termination of the engagement with his ex-fiancé, and when he was looking for a high-profile marriage, he signed up and shocked everyone’s jaws, because he was the famous third master Fu of the imperial capital and the helm of the Fu family, the first family in the imperial capital. Although Yun Xiangxiang in this life did not want to fall in love, he was slowly captured by Fu Sihan’s domineering gentleness and fell in love with this arrogant man.


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