Hello, Gentlemen (2021)

Hello, Gentlemen (2021)

Drama: Hello, Gentlemen
Native Title: 你好,先生们
Also Known As: Ni Hao Xian Sheng Men
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Dec 20, 2021 – ?
Duration: 25 min.

Main cast:

Shen Hao Nan,Kong Qi Li,Zhu Kang Li,Zhao Yi Xiao,Yang Luo Qian


Lin Junyan, who was just entering the workplace, had a dream in her heart to do the most authentic reports and irreplaceable social news, but she became an entertainment reporter by accident. President Jin Shixi and warm male doctor Huo Zehao. Four different feelings collide and interweave, life subversion, plot reversal, and wonderful non-stop. After going through various workplace tests and life tests, what kind of workplace transformation will Lin Junyan accomplish, and who will she spend the rest of her life with
“Hello, Gentlemen” four male gods
“Hello, gentlemen” four male gods (4 photos)
The four male gods in the play are the third generation of the chaebol born with a golden spoon, the youngest president of Xinjin Entertainment Company – Jin Shixi; the genius scholar and returnee psychology expert – Huo Zehao; the lovely and pure national brother – – Song Junan; perfectionist, black-bellied writer – Zhong Shanmu.


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