Hellbound (2021)

Hellbound (2021)

Drama: Hellbound
Native Title: 지옥
Also Known As: The Hell , Jiok
Screenwriter: Choi Gyu Seok
Genres: Mystery, Horror, Drama, Supernatural
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 6
Aired: Nov 19, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Netflix
Duration: 50 min.

Main Cast:



Those who one day were sentenced to hell by a strange being. An era of chaos has arrived in a city engulfed in shock and fear. The story of a religious group that wants to expand the world by shouting God’s judgment and those who dig up the truth.
This is the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the messengers of hell who appeared without notice, and the religious organization Saejinrihoe, which was revived from this chaos, and those trying to uncover the truth of the incident are intertwined.


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