Heaven and Hell: Two Psychos

Heaven and Hell: Two Psychos (2022)

Drama: Heaven and Hell: Two Psychos
Native Title: 천국과 지옥: 사이코 두사람
Also Known As: Cheonguggwa Jiog: Saiko Dusaram
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Supernatural
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast not yet:


A serial drama on TBS TV that aired from January 17 to March 21, 2021 . The first quarter of 2021 work of the TBS Sunday Theater series . Starring Haruka Ayase . This is the original screenplay by Yoshiko Morishita , who has dealt with many of Ayase’s works . The motif was “The Legend of the Moon and the Sun” from Kagoshima and Amami Oshima . The story unfolds as the souls of the detective and the murder suspect change with the legend that ‘the moon had to become the sun and the sun should become the moon’ .

Mochizuki Ayako, a hard worker and strong sense of justice, was a detective from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1, and her inflexible temperament and mistakes she had made in the past made her co-workers and bosses uncomfortable. She was bragging that ‘I will definitely, 100%, stand up for the ball’.

Ayako, who obtained the evidence gathered through an independent investigation, had a chance to personally arrest Haruto Hidaka, the president of the venture company ‘Co Earth’, the suspect in the murder case. However, at that moment, Ayako unfortunately changes the soul of Hidaka.


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