Heart Way (2021)

Heart Way (2021)

Drama: Heart Way
Native Title: 하트웨이
Also Known As: Hatteuwei
Genres: Romance, School
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Nov 30, 2021 – Dec 23, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Naver TV Cast
Duration: 12 min.


Ji Won
Lee Jong Hyuk
The King


Heartway is a romantic comedy genre web drama produced by Subway and produced by tvN D. It is a new work that succeeds Subway’s first branded drama content ‘Someway’, which has been evaluated as ‘Subway Web Drama that you can trust and watch’.

With a total of 8 episodes, up to the first episode of the main story has been released, and it will be released every Tuesday and Thursday through the YouTube tvN D STORY channel.

Heartway is a ‘some man and some woman’ drawn by a high school girl Da-bin (Kim Da-hye), who had a crush on Ha-jin (Kim Hyun-jae), a celebrity-like being at school, with her best friend Ji-an (Heo Ji-won) and her boyfriend Han-gil (Lee Jong-hyuk). of ‘Fantasy Romance’.

The main attraction is the thrilling ‘some’ between the main characters, which unfolds when Siwoo, the female lead, suddenly gains superpowers one day, ‘if you share the Subway menu, you can hear the person’s heart’. The title of the work was created by combining the English word ‘Hear’ and Subway’s ‘Way’ to contain the same content.

Heartway’s teaser video released on the 25th of last month exceeded 210,000 views, showing signs of becoming a ‘some restaurant’ one after another following Someway. Someway, which was released in October of last year and recorded an average of more than 1 million views per episode, is sufficient to continue the popularity of Someway, which has risen to the ranks of ‘popular webads’.

In particular, it is said that they expect once again a directing that naturally melts the brand of Subway in the work according to the character and scene characteristics and circumstances, as well as the sweet love story and solid acting of the actors shown in Someway.

Subway marketing manager said, “Considering that the MZ generation prefers short and light snack culture content, we planned the second branded content in the form of a web drama. The goal is to do it,” he said.

On the other hand, Subway has released 3 types of ‘ultra cheese’ as a special seasonal menu for the winter, where you can feel the true taste of cheese that is three times thicker and richer. It is characterized by a rich, rich flavor of freshly melted cheese from the oven, captivating the eyes and mouth at the same time, and harmonizing with various ingredients to create a rich, rich taste and chewy texture.

This menu offers three times the cheese toppings compared to the basic recipe.

As the advertising models, actress Koo Gwan-sang, who emerged as a trend with the Netflix drama ‘DP’ and the movie ‘Mogadishu’, and actor Lee Joo-young, who showed impressive performances in the drama ‘Itaewon Class’ and the movie ‘Baseball Girl’, were selected. Advertisements and behind-the-scenes videos can be viewed on Subway’s official YouTube channel.


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